Marinated Fresh Mozzarella

I love fresh mozzarella.  There really is no comparison to the stuff you buy in a brick or pre-shredded.  I love a good piece of crusty bread with sliced mozzarella, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with garlic salt – Yum!

When I want to take fresh mozzarella to the next level, I love to marinate them in herbed olive oil.  Have you seen the marinated mozzarella in the store?  It’s pretty expensive in comparison to the regular un-marinated variety – usually about 2 times the price (if not more).  Marinated mozzarella is so simple to do at home at the fraction of the cost.

Marinated Fresh Mozzarella
1 package medium size, fresh mozzarella balls
3/4 cup good olive oil
Herbs (fresh or dried) – oregano, thyme, basil, rosemary, parsley, ect..
Salt and Pepper, to taste
Optional: Red Pepper Flakes
Drain fresh mozzarella.  Place cheese in a small container.  Sprinkle herbs on top.  This is where you can get creative – use what you like (fresh or dried).  If you have an herb garden go to town with fresh, if you don’t, just use what’s in your cabinet – it will be good either way.  If you like spice, add some red pepper flakes.  Sprinkle some salt and pepper (about a 1/4 teaspoon).
Fill container so mozzarella is covered.  You may use more or less olive oil depending on your container size.
Cover container with a tight lid and let sit overnight.

Antipasto platter from Matilda’s Garden Party with Marinated Fresh Mozzarella

Cottage Mama’s Note: Use this mozzarella on a beautiful antipasto platter (as seen above).  Or cook some pasta, let it cool and add the marinated mozzarella (with oil and herbs) to make a delicious pasta salad.  Or simply place cheese on a crusty piece of Italian bread and enjoy!

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  1. This looks delicious! I love fresh mozzarella too, great idea to make it yourself instead of buying it!

  2. The pictures make me so hungry! I fell in love with fresh mozz when I lived over in Italy as a kid and now I’m a total addict!

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    Thanks for the kind words on my blog. So glad I’ve found your little corner of the internet.

    Happy Weekend!

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  7. This sounds yummy to me, going to tell hubby about it. He will want to make it tonight 🙂

  8. oh dear forgot to mention I am a new visitor from New Friend Friday. My mind is mush today lol

  9. sounds delicious I have always loved italiand food but have never tried marinated moz. I believe I will have to try this

  10. looks and sounds delish! all this talk about cheese is making me hungry!

    Love your blog. I’m your new follower.

  11. Stopping by from NFF

    This looks SO good! It’s very rare for me to have fresh mozzarella but this looks totally worth it! Yum!