Fun with Knits

Since today was my birthday, I decided I was going to sew whatever I felt like.  Nothing for The Cottage Mama, just something that I had been dreaming up in my head.  I recently received a shipment of new cotton knit fabric – Patty Young for Michael Miller and I have been dying to get working with them.

To be honest, these knits are a little “funky” for me, since I consider myself to be a little more classic in style, but every once in a while I like to step outside of the box.

Here’s a little number I came up with today for my daughter Savannah……..

For the little layered flower on the top, I added interfacing behind each piece of knit to give it more structure.  I left the edges raw and just used a straight-stitch around each circle.  I free-handed the circles so they would look a little more organic.  I finished it off with a little pink button.

For the pants I didn’t hem them, I just left a raw serged edge.  A nice hem would definitely be a cleaner look, but since I plan on these being play clothes for Miss S., I thought the raw edge was perfect.

I didn’t use a pattern for this outfit, I just kind of mix and matched different pattern pieces of my own to put it together.  Some day I will have to do a post on how I come up with my own designs……..I kind of have my own process of doing things that works for me.  But we’ll save that for another day.

I find mixing and matching patterned fabrics to be so much fun!  These knits are amazingly soft – I’m thinking I may have to make a little something for myself and Miss Matilda too!

Do you like sewing with knits?  They really are very easy to work with.  Give them a try and I bet you’ll be hooked.  Interested in any tips for sewing with knit fabric?

Cottage Mama’s Note:  Please take notice of how Savannah is NEVER looking at the camera.  Wow, getting a good picture of a toddler is MUCH harder than anything I have ever sewn!!

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  1. Yeah!!! I am the first to wish you a very happy birthday through the blogs!:) heeheheeeehee, I just happened to read through my blog roll and sew this. That outfit is TO-DIE-FOR!!!! Yummy prints! I have some knits coming soon as well and will make a cute sewing pattern with it. Your girl looks adorable! Well, Happy B-day again!:) Now, go celebrate!

  2. Happy Happy birthday!!! I hope you have/had a fantastic day!

    LOVE that outfit – LOVE those fabrics!

  3. Gorgeous outfit Lindsay!!! And a BIG OLD HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Although you are not old by any means. You’re just a spring chicken! Now I’m feeling old…

  4. that is SOOOO cute. I am a very beginner sewer? seamstress? not sure what term!! but am dying to start working with knits. This makes me really want to dive in. its precious!! amy

  5. Oh my goodness, her outfit is adorable! You are so talented. I got a sewing machine for Christmas, but have only used it a few times because I am so intimidated by it!

  6. So cute and fun! 🙂

    Adin B

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE the outfit!! So cute.