Challenge Dress #5 – "Little Rocker"

Here’s my little Savannah (23 months) in all her glory.  She LOVES to dance and she was really working it while modeling this little number.  Everyday she says to me, “Come on Mama, let’s dance!” and we turn on the ipod and have ourselves a dance party – I just love those moments during our day.  In several weeks Savannah will be turning two and we are going to be having an Elmo Dance Party – wooohooo!!

I used the Sienna Dress Pattern from Lil Blue Boo for this dress and loved how this one turned out!

Challenge Dress #5 – “Little Rocker”
For this dress I used one recycled t-shirt & one recycled baby dress.  I also used the fabric from the recycled baby dress to do a reverse applique on the back of the dress.
The polka dot fabric was from a 0-3 month baby dress that both my daughters, Savannah & Matilda wore.  A week ago, my husband was ready to toss the dress because it had gotten quite a few stains on the top portion and it was just time to get rid of it.  Luckily he had noticed how much I had been into repurposing clothing lately and set it in my sewing area thinking I could possibly use some of the fabric.  And he was right!!
I decided to do a gathered neck-line on this dress just to change it up a bit from the original pattern and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

The original t-shirt already had some sparkle to it, but I decided it needed more bling so I add some additional sparkle with more fabric paint over the “Rock Star” portion of the dress.

On the back of the dress I did a reverse applique of a star using the recycled baby dress.  I think the raw edge on this applique adds to the rocker look.
The look was completed with a pair of light pink leg-warmers.  These are just your basic knee-high socks converted into baby / toddler leg warmers.  Click here to find one the many tutorials on the web for this little project.

Huh?  What?  Oh you want me to dance?? Ok……
I was not kidding when I said Savannah LOVES to dance – here she is again gettin’ her groove on!
Cottage Mama’s Note:
  • All pictures of the challenge dresses were taken by Megan Abelard Photography.  More of her work can be seen on her website:
  • The Sienna Dress Pattern is an incredibly well-written and easy to follow sewing pattern.  I highly recommend it for even the most beginner sewer or anyone who is interested in starting to sew with knits.  Click here to find out more information.  

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  1. super cute!

  2. Great redo–I love the first picture. The star on the back makes it extra special.

  3. Love the look. Very cute. Thanks for sharing with Made it Monday! Jules

  4. Can you tell me how you did the gathered neckline? I love that! It turned out really cute. My daughter has a big head and with the regular neck I have to yank it over her head which ends up in tears being shed 🙂

  5. Thank you all for your comments!!

    My daughter, Savannah (who is wearing this dress) has the same problem – her head is HUGE!!

    Felicia, the gathered neckline was really easy. I just cut the neck extra wide (almost so wide that it was about 2 inches from the sleeves on each side). Then I folded it over, stitched 90% of it and just left a little section open. I then threaded the elastic through the opening, sewed the elastic ends together and closed the opening.

    I hope this makes sense, if not, feel free to email me and I am happy to answer any questions: [email protected]

  6. great dress I love it!!!

    check my blog for lots of upcycling projects and free tutorials

  7. I hope you don’t mind, I just emailed you about this dress. It is adorable and just what I was trying to do, but I can’t figure out how to alter the pattern. If you could help me when you have a spare moment I would really appreciate it!