Knifty Knitter

I have been crocheting for about 9 years now, but I have never learned how to knit.  I REALLY want to, but I just haven’t ever had the opportunity for someone to teach me.  I don’t really do well with instructional books – I just can’t visualize what they want you to do.  So I am hoping someday to pick up knitting, but in the meantime I have my knifty knitter.

Have you ever used the knifty knitter?  I think it is one of the best creations!  You don’t need to know how to crochet or knit and you don’t need to really be into crafting at all.  It’s VERY basic.  It’s a series of different sized looms (you choose your size based on what project your are working on) and you pretty much just loop the yard around each peg and pull the bottom loop over the top.  It is so simple.  Even I (who has difficulty with written instructions) thought it was so easy to use and understand.  I have created many hats for my daughter, Savannah using this great tool and a hat can be completed in just a couple hours!!

Now I know this is not REAL knitting, but it does the trick for me (or at least until I learn how to really knit).  If you are shopping for a pre-teen, this would be a wonderful gift to give them this holiday season and help get them into handmade crafting.  Or perhaps you are interested in making some cute hats for you or your little ones, if so, I would definitely pick up the knifty knitter!!

Cottage Mama’s Note:  Both the hats in these pictures were made using the small knifty knitter loom.

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  1. I too love these nifty knitters…I have made quite a few “beanies” as we call them in Oz and everybody who got them loves them….Khris