Halloween Treat Bag Tutorial

Free Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bag Tutorial from The Cottage Mama.

Remember these Halloween Treat Bags that I made last year for the kids? I’m so excited for them to use these bags again this year. They turned out to be the perfect size for our kids and were nice and sturdy.

And this year, we have a fourth trick-or-treater that will be with us, Miss Josephine. Granted, she won’t be eating candy, but I’ll still let her take her bag along for the ride. And since I shared this post with you last year before she had arrived, here is Josie Mae’s bag:

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Idle Wild Fabric Tour

Idle Wild Fabric Tour. Knit Dress from The Cottage Mama.

Savannah finally asked me to sew something for her. It's been a long while since she requested mama-made clothing. I actually thought that my sewing days for her might be over. But a few weeks ago I received a package in the mail of the most beautiful knit fabric from Riley Blake Designs that was designed by my friends over at Pattern Anthology (Kate Blocher, Melissa Mora, Shauna Wightman and Andrea Pannell). It's always an exciting day to sew with a friends fabric designs and I'm so excited for these four ladies.....their fabric is gorgeous and Savannah felt the … continue reading

Grilled Southwest Sweet Potato & Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Grilled Southwest Sweet Potato & Egg Breakfast Sandwich.

My mom is at it again! Remember when she was a finalist in the Pillsbury Bake-Off, not once, but twice?! Well, this time she is one of the 15 finalists in the America's Better Sandwich Contest and could potentially win $25,000! I'm excited to share the recipe for her 'Grilled Southwest Sweet Potato and Egg Breakfast Sandwich'. I think you're really going to love it! … continue reading

Free Online Video Sewing Series: Lessons with Lindsay

Lessons with Lindsay Sewing Videos: How to sew the armholes of a lined garment.

I'm excited to announce my new, free online video sewing series called 'Lessons with Lindsay' sponsored by Baby Lock Sewing and Embroidery Machines. I've been anxiously awaiting the launch of these sewing videos for several months now and today is the release of the very first one! … continue reading

DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial

DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial from The Cottage Mama

There's something about hanging a wreath on the door that makes a house feel like a home. This summer has been a little crazy, to say the least. We are finally moved into our new home and slowly, but surely, are getting unpacked and organized. … continue reading

Caspian Finn ~ 4 Years Old

Caspian Finn - 4 Years Old. The Cottage Mama.

Dear Caspian, Today you turn four years old! What a big year this has been. So many changes for you.......a new baby sister, transitioning into a big boy bed, using the potty, moving to a new house and so much more. You have handled everything so well and here are a few things I would like to remember about you when you turned four years old (and a few things you might like to know as well)..... … continue reading

Back-to-School Sewing

Back-to-School Sewing. Free Projects and Inspiration from The Cottage Mama.

One of my favorite parts of back-to-school is the preparation in getting ready for a fresh school year ahead. I love shopping for new school supplies, backpacks, etc., but when you can sew, back-to-school is even more fun! It means handmade clothing, pencils cases, lunch boxes and more! I've round up some of my favorite back-to-school sewing projects here on The Cottage Mama to provide you with a little inspiration. There's nothing better than seeing your little one in a handmade 1st day of school outfit and sending them to school in a little bit of sewn love. … continue reading

DIY Fascinator Headband Kit

DIY Fascinator Headband Kit from The Cottage Mama

In the summer I love doing creative activities with my little ones. The school year gets so busy with homework and after school activities, that it's so nice to slow down during the summer and share some of my passions with our kids. Last summer I started my two oldest girls, Savannah and Matilda, on the sewing machine and they absolutely love it! They've since made a few more sewing projects, but we haven't done a ton of sewing this summer since we've had to keep the house looking nice while we try to sell it (yes, no one has bought The Cottage Home … continue reading