The Jolly Bar Book Vol. 1 Giveaway!

Jolly Bar Book Vol. 1 Giveaway from The Fat Quarter Shop and The Cottage Mama.

Today I’ve teamed up with the Fat Quarter Shop to bring you a fabulous giveaway. Fat Quarter Shop has been a very long-time sponsor of The Cottage Mama. They were one of the very first online shops that I ever started ordering designer quilting cotton from when I started sewing. I always felt confident ordering from them because I knew they only stocked the best and the continue to stock amazing inventory all these years later!

So today, we are not just giving away 1 copy of the new Jolly Bar Book Vol. 1 by It’s Sew Emma, we are giving away 5 copies of this wonderful new book!

The Jolly Bar Book Vol. 1 Giveaway

Here is a little more information about Jolly Bars and The Jolly Bar Book Vol. 1:

Jolly Bars are exclusive Fat Quarter Shop precuts that hit your sweet spot, measuring 5” x 10”! The Jolly Bar Book Vol. 1 includes the first twenty patterns published for our exclusive precut, the Jolly Bar. Grab a Jolly Bar, pick any design, and enjoy. The book is 45 pages, full-color and is spiral bound.

Jolly Bar Book Vol. 1 Giveaway from The Fat Quarter Shop and The Cottage Mama. Jolly Bar Book Vol. 1 Giveaway from The Fat Quarter Shop and The Cottage Mama. Jolly Bar Book Vol. 1 Giveaway from The Fat Quarter Shop and The Cottage Mama.

So how can you win a copy of this book? Just simply leave me a comment below and let me know what sewing project is currently on your cutting table. I want to know what you are sewing whether it’s clothing, quilting, home decor, bags, Halloween costumes…….just let me know what you are working on in your sewing room. At the end of the giveaway, I will randomly select 5 lucky winners and your books will be mailed to you directly from the Fat Quarter Shop. Pretty easy right?

Giveaway will run through Sunday, September 25, 2016 at midnight (CST). Check back on the blog the following week to see if you were one of the lucky 5 winners!

Until next time……

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Kerri Learning says

    I’m currently working on some patchwork tote bags for holiday gifts!

  2. There are so many projects to finish before autumn fully kicks off. Little lady coat and matching pants and a party dress for our little one. Also working on some Christmas table toppers and fabric alphabet.

  3. I’m finishing up a twin sized ribbon quilt for my MIL’s Christmas present and have a few longalls in the mix for my 6 month old baby 🙂

  4. I am working on a Christmas table runner and finishing a Christmas quilt.

  5. I just finished heming a 3 layer bridesmaid dress and then moved on to a summer picnic dress in a cowgirl print with bandana print trim for my grand daughter’s dress western day.

  6. I am currently working on a quilt.

  7. I have just finished up some fall wall hangings and I am trying to find motivation to start on some Dutch costumes for our local Tulip Festival next spring.

  8. I’m currently working on some sweetpea pods, so cute! I have several other things waiting, but right now I’m into bags! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Kim Desselle says

    Currently, I am in the middle of three quilts, four pairs of shorts (we’re in NC now, so we can still wear shorts!), and two dresses. Between home life and a full-time job, I don’t know when I’ll ever get them all finished. 🙂

  10. I’m currently making memory bears out of old baby quilts and finishing a quilt for my husband’s and my bed. Up next is a big girl quilt for my daughter.

  11. So many UFOs (Un-Finished Objects)! First Priority is finishing up some memory teddy bears.

  12. A quilt and a Halloween custom.

  13. I am currently working on the Dainty Darling dress for my 1 year old daughter’s Christmas dress. I am also working on a scarecrow tutu dress and hat for her Halloween costume. I am so happy I found you Lindsay and decided to make the Party Dress I am new to sewing and in horrible post pardum, the party dress was so easy for me as a beginner. Sewing helped me cone back to reality!

  14. I’m working on a Birthday dress for my little girl, she’s going to be one this saturday! It’ hopefully will be finished by friday!

  15. I am working on Puddle Jumping by Camille of Thimbleblossom.

  16. I’m currently working on Christmas presents:
    Pajamas for all the nieces and nephews, and Him/Her pillowcases for the mommies and daddies.

  17. Trisha Chamberlain says

    I’m currently working on a beautiful dress for our Granddaughter’s Christmas photos.

  18. Laura R I ach says

    A quilt for new grandbaby due in April 2017….


      I am presently embroidering a birth record project that I plan to mount. It’s for my friend’s newest granddaughter’s arrival. I will start my first quilt for my own daughter’s birth due May 2017! This will be my first & only grandchild! I’m over the moon & blessed!!!

  19. Alison Marley says

    Finished a party dress last week. Now it’s time to start on Halloween costumes. This years theme is Finding Dory!

  20. I’m sewing a couple of fanny packs

  21. I’m currently working on a quilt for my daughter and curtains for my friend. Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. Elizabeth Maden says

    I’m working on kitty cat quilt blocks, hand embroidered, all red thread. I’ve had this pattern since the late 1970’s.

  23. Halloween costumes and Christmas pajamas!

  24. I’m working on my first jelly roll race quilt! I’ve only spent 2 hours and almost done piecing the top. It’s so much fun! I plan to make two more so that all of my three girls will have matching quilts.

  25. Jenny Boelter says

    I am sure try working on 3 aprons. 1 for myself and my 2 daughters.

  26. I am currently working on a quilt and dress for my daughter. Thanks for organizing!

  27. I am making a Halloween outfit for my 3 year old daughter. The book looks fabulous!

  28. In my sewing room I have a Cottage Mama Romper, a cloth baby book, a transportation quilt, and dresser scarves all under construction.

  29. Just had foot surgery and have to stay off of it for 6 weeks! No sewing room for me right now but kitchen curtains are waiting patiently to be serged and sewn.

  30. Hi, currently I am attempting to sow your party dress for a little red ridding hood costume! I am new at sewing but it’s becoming addicting!

  31. I am working on am Apron and pot holders for my sister for Christmas.

  32. Christine Marnell says

    Love your designs. Working on my first Georgia Vintage. Can’t wait to add those buttonholes so I can finish sewing it all together.

  33. I am working on a Quilt of Valor for my grandson who recently retired from the Marine Corps. Also several doll outfits, as I am a doll collector.

  34. Vickie Courtney says

    I am getting ready to cut out the Pixie Noel Georgia Vintage Dress and will be finishing up a Little Lady Coat for my granddaughter.

  35. Linda Valkaro says

    I am currently working on a Fold ‘n Stitch Wreath for Christmas. Sometimes you need a break from making dresses!!!

  36. Wendy Hilmus says

    Got my Sew Classic Clothes for Girls in the mail yesterday! I’m about to start on something with ruffles!

  37. Party dress

  38. Currently I have many projects going! Fall clothing for my two year old and a could of blankets for the baby coming in December.

  39. Currently working on a Thanksgiving dress for my granddaughter. Using one of your patterns!

  40. Just finished up some dresses and now I’m about to start sewing costumes. My daughter wants to be Belle. There are some great examples online but feeling intimidated. My son’s costume is easy at least. 🙂

  41. I am making Sun hats for my granddaughters.

  42. Joanne Roots-Rochon says

    I just finished two tiny A-Line dresses from the Sew Classic Clothes for Girls,with matching diaper covers, for a set of twins. Now I am cutting out squares and triangles for a Halloween tote bag from Lindsay’s pattern on her blog. I also have a purse in the works.

  43. Nicole Evans says

    Just finished a Party Dress for a friend and need to clean up before putting my cape together that I cut out a year ago.

  44. I’m currently working on a pair of knit leggings and a Halloween dress for my 2 month old daughter.

  45. Linda Marquis Cate says

    I’m finishing the trim on a quilt and starting a “pocket” for sewing supplies that will fit over my ironing board. Pretty boring, isn’t it!? 🙂

  46. I’m sewing some red work, for a Welsh speaking friend for Christmas, in English it says” friendship makes a rainy day shine bright” in Welsh, it’s quite a mouthful, ” Mae cyfeillgarwch yn gwneud i ddiwrnod gwlyb ddisgleirio’n braf”‘ the picture has two ladies under a big umbrella!

  47. Cynthia Bordelon says

    I’m working on a dress for around Christmas, one for Sesame Street Live and about to start a Halloween bag, all for my little one!

  48. I am currently working on making a 3-tiered, ruffled crib skirt for my first baby girl due in January!

  49. Kristine Mcclellan says

    I am currently working on 2 48inch qui.ted tree skirts and when finished quilt circular table runners, and 3 party dresses for fall

  50. Wendy Campbell says

    I can never seem to focus on just one project. I am making a quilt for a charity and one for my sons’ in-laws who have been wonderful to him. I also have 2 a-lines dresses ready to sew for my granddaughters and I really want to attempt knit leggings.
    I too have purchased from the Fat Quarter shop..great fabric, and the book looks amazing.

  51. Sewing minky blankets and finishing my baby’s quilt.

  52. I’m working on the scalloped edge a-line, with about a million projects all lined up next. Halloween bags, and more dresses!

  53. I am binding a lap quilt. One of many UFO(s)

  54. A make up bag is currently unfinished on my table. ( I ran out of navy thread)

    Would love to win this book!

  55. I am working on a quilt and have some curtains cut out to start on next

  56. A baby quilt for my new grandson. Would really love this book!!

  57. Joanne Slotterback says

    Three projects going right now – two dresses for my granddaughter and a clutch bag! Need to get busy!

  58. I am currently working on three beautiful matching sunday dresses for my nieces using the party dress pattern.

  59. Cozy Christmas Quilt Along and A Halloween Bag for my granddaughter

  60. Thanks for the chance! I’m currently working on a Thimbleblossoms Cheerio quilt in Winterberry fabric!

  61. I am working on a safari themed baby quilt for a friend. Her shower is in two weeks so the deadline is looming.

  62. Teresa@aureaskitchen says

    I’ve just finished pattern testing a softie and need to start a embrodery hoop to carry the rings on a wedding!!

  63. Nancy Formy-Duval says

    I am hoping to start today on a Summer Picnic Dress for my granddaughter who will be 6 on Halloween. When she was here this weekend, she picked a piece of pink floral fabric from my stash and chose the Picnic Dress pattern, requesting a dress for her; her doll, and also a tissue package cover. I may put sleeves in the dress, or just let her wear it with a shirt underneath. She also wants matching pants.

  64. Linda Clarke says

    I have just finished 2 A line dresses in 12 months size and I am cutting out today 2 more in size 2. Next on the agenda is either the party dress or the sweet dress (practice run) before doing one of them in the fabrics from The Apple Box that just arrived

  65. I’m working on a Canteen Purse in denim, corduroy and flannel for fall. I too love Fat Quarter Shop. Thanks for the inspration!

  66. Annie Serrano says

    I’m working on two different projects at the moment. One is a dress for my daughter to wear to a Nightmare Before Christmas themed wedding next month and the other is a Super Mario Brothers quilt to give to my brother in law when he gets back from his deployment!

  67. Jacqueline VH says

    I’m making up a kit to make a Smash Book for my niece’s birthday present. I have a nice coil bound sketch book, some crafty things & stickers and I’m making a special drawstring bag with inner pocket for her to keep all of it in one place!
    Plus…I have a load of quilt swap blocks to whip up…seems like I’m never done…LOL!

  68. Bridget Friedrichsen says

    Working on a denim quilt for my son and thinking of how to incorporate tractors into it!

  69. It’s not on my travel yet, but my oldest daughter just requested a new party dress. We live in MN, so she wants a MN Vikings themed one- we are still working on fabric selections.

  70. Finishing a t-shirt quilt. Then starting a little boys quilt with heavy equipment fabric

  71. Karen McQuillan says

    Wow how fab to win this book. Ian currently working on a dress for my granddaughter. The pattern is a combination of your party dress with a full circle skirt instead of gathered

  72. I’m working on travel bags for my granddaughters. Thank you to the Fat Quarter Shop for this great giveaway.

  73. I am currently beginning another Dainty Darling and some baby bibs !

  74. I am just finishing (today) 6 super hero capes for my grandsons kindergarten class….they were so easy to make and I could just picture the kids little faces when they get to wear them!

  75. Quilt pillows: one panda and one monkey for Great Granddaughters!

  76. Hi Lindsay! I’m working on 2 christmas aprons for me and my daughter. We love bake christmas cookies and this year (she is 4 y.) we not only bake&decorate xmas cookies together, but we will be Twins!!!

  77. Shellee Wandel says

    Hi! I am working on a multitude of projects! Lol! Currently at the very top of my WIP pile is a cute as a button pincushion …..I love working with precuts and so impressed with the designs that are shown! Thank you for the opportunity to win !

  78. Karen Coleman says

    I’m currently working on a bed runner, purse, 2 hoodies and a few other things. Christmas is coming faster than I want it to.

  79. I’m working an repurposing an old long-sleeved tshirt by adding a party dress skirt and embellishment. Was inspired by Lindsay’s semi homemade blog post

  80. I’m currently working on a Cottage Mama Party Dress for my daughters halloween costume!

  81. kathy kauffman says

    I am working on a labyrinth quilt for my grandson! Just finished a pocket smock in autumn fabrics.

  82. Suzette Williams says

    Today I am making another Cottage Mama Georgia Vintage dress using Farm Girl fabric.

  83. UI am currently working on Halloween deco. Wanting to start planning a quilt for my Granddaughter.

  84. Vienna Lionberger says

    Birthday outfits for my daughter and son, they were both born in November so a lot of sewing happens for them in early fall!

  85. Karen Bissell says

    Working on a wall hanging, quilt top, and table runner. Never can stick to just one project!

  86. Brandy Young says

    I am currently working on a fall leaf quilt for my mother for Chrismas

  87. ikrima nazoor says

    i just finished a kurtha top for my sister and about to start matching frocks for my two girls.

  88. Tonia Jeffery says

    I’m starting some jeans for my daughter. She just outgrew all her pants.

  89. I’ve just finished sewing for my baby girls second birthday! Next is another hexie quilt!

  90. I’ve just finished making a swaddle baby doll for my granddaughter who turns one next month and now I’m moving onto Christmas gifts for my family.

  91. Sharon Plante says

    Hi, I’m working on dresses, nighties, and toys for my granddaughters for Christmas.

  92. There are placemats on my cutting board right now. Thanks for the chance to win,

  93. Marites Rojas says

    i’m working on more bigger sized party dresses for my little miss since shes already outgrown the 2T sizes i’ve previously sewn her.. and i’m brewing up a Halloween costume using the georgia vintage.. 🙂

  94. Currently have a Miss Matilda top on my table, half done!

  95. I’m working on a Christmas stocking and bibs for my baby boy

  96. I am working on my first ever handmade little Halloween dress for my Grandaughter.

  97. Thinking about Halloween for my girls but working on creating items for my craft fair booth in November!

  98. Winter clothes, Halloween costumes, and trick or treat bag (to be completed by my 4 year old daughter)

  99. Right now I am working on a quilted tote bag with a winter theme. It will be a fun bag for the holidays and beyond.

  100. I’m working on a shirt for my boy. I just finished cutting to get ready for my next project – a party dress for my girl.

  101. Tammy Knight says

    Im currently working on getting 5 quilts backed and ready to quilt, hopefully before I start anything else .. hahaha said no sewer ever! 😀

  102. Working on a “Harry Potter” quilt

  103. I currently have two dresses for my daughter on the table including a party dress and Georgia vintage. Both being made out of fabric that I got from your stash sale! And a quilt from Grey Abby

  104. Currently working on no sewing projects. I’m actually crocheting an afghan rigt now. Thanks for the lovely giveaway

  105. Right now I am working on a tunic for myself!

  106. Kristine Groshong says

    4 matching party dresses for my (soon-to-be-home) adopted daughter, our best friends daughter, my niece and a modified version for an 18″ doll that was mine as a kid that will now become my daughters.

  107. I’m working on some Fall table toppers. Thank you for the giveaway.

  108. I’m getting ready to start my two holiday Sweet Dresses! Plan ahead!

  109. I am currently participating in the 100 days 100 blocks quilt along. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  110. Just puttinhg the finishing touches on a beautiful Party Dress for my dauther’s birthday! She will also be wering it tomorrow for school picture day ♡

  111. The project on my cutting table? Nursing pads of all things. Sometimes you have to make practical, not-so-pretty things. 🙂

  112. Christi Walter says

    I am working on a Quilt of the Century quilt that was PhD (project half done) from a Gyleen Fitzgerald class I took in Ripley WV 10 years ago. This is the year I complete my PhD’s!!

  113. I’m currently sewing a dress as my 8 year old’s birthday gift; next week is her birthday.

  114. Myranda Akin says

    I’ve got 2 footy pajama’s, 1 party dress, and 2 Halloween costumes ready to be sewn. In that order! 🙂

  115. What a nice give away! Thanks to Cottage Mama and Fat Quarter Shop.
    Working on a round yoke baby day gown.

  116. I’m making a small quilt from Melissa Corry’s book on modern Irish Chain patterns. It’s the second from this book that I’ve made.

  117. Mariann Ryckman says

    I have just taped together the runaround romper and will be making 2, one short legs & one long

  118. I’m currently unpacking and will hopefully get my sewing stuff settled this week!

  119. a baby quilt for a G-G

  120. I will be making aprons for Christmas presents for my daughters, sisters, granddaughter (2 years old) to match mommy’s, and one for one of my son-in-laws!

  121. Kathe Gardner says

    I’m currently finishing binding a lap quit – one of a few UFOs I’m working on. Thanks.

  122. I’m currently starting my very first baby quilt for our son arriving in February! We have two girls and I’ve made lots of dresses, but I’m just now starting to branch out into the quilting world and I’m a little nervous since it’s so new to me. 🙂

  123. freda carter says

    not working on anything at the moment. going to start onm Microwave pot holders for Christmas

  124. freda carter says

    not working on anything at present. going to start on microwave pot holders for christmas.

  125. Am currently making bibs, for niece due at Thanksgiving.. Plus a baby quilt. I have fabric laid out, pressed & ready for cutting, for a Table topper. Yep…my sewing table is layered with projects in progress! giggle…

    Thank you for chance to win this Book!! is on my Wish List!! 😀

  126. I just finished a quilt for our first granddaughter. Now I have some burp cloths etc. to finish. A jolly bars pack was a gift, would love a chance to win a book with quilts using the pack. Thanks!

  127. I beginning my Christmas list. My first project will be placemats for my brother’ new cabin home. These will be pieced and quilted and also include machine embroidery. I’m off to a late start. I recently finished an appliqued, embroidered oversized crib quilt for my newest grand baby. It is puppies done in shades of purple and green. No pink for this gal according to my daughter! One of your sweet dresses will be under the tree for our Miss Piper Marie. My list is long….

  128. Thank you for sharing the apple picking story and pictures of your sweet family. The children are getting so big, I’ve been following you since before Caspian. Your little JoJo is adorable.
    This time of year there is so much to sew for holidays, fall church bazaar, and Christmas gifts. I love Halloween and try to make something new each year. I’m a fan of fat quarters, but have never tried a jolly bar. I’d love the opportunity to learn. Thank you for all the inspiration you send to us.
    Smiles, Sue

  129. I am currently working on the Janey Jumper for my 6 year old granddaughter and a Cleopatra Halloween Costume for my 11 year old granddaughter. I recently purchased black velveteen and Christmas plaid taffeta to sew my third party dress for my 6 year old granddaughter. She loves to swirl around in the dress.

    Sewing gives me so much pleasure and is definitely my happy place! I would love to win the Jolly Bar Book. Thank you for the chance.

  130. Currently I am working on the Janey Jumper for my 6 year old granddaughter. I have a Cleopatra Halloween costume cut out and ready to sew for my 11 year old granddaughter. I just purchased black velveteen and Christmas plaid taffeta to sew my third party dress for the 10 year old granddaughter.

    I would love to win the Jolly Bar Book. Sewing gives me such pleasure and definitely is my “happy place”. Thank you for the chance

  131. Teri McInerney says

    Love your blog posts. I’m sewing a Daniel Boone costume for my grandson.

  132. Jean Wiegand says

    Hi Lindsey! I am an empty nester and so I am lucky enough to have a large space for my sewing hobby (although it seems to be getting smaller by the minute!). My sewing table is pretty full, but hopefully since I am off next week for a staycation, I can knock some stuff out. On the top of the pile are 2 baby blankets and about a dozen burp cloths for baby gifts, 2 Janey jumpers for my 2 granddaughters in Carolina Panther fabric, with 2 little purses to go with! Then to the right of the pile are some fall/Halloween jelly strips for a seasonal table runner, and lastly, some tshirts that are going into a tshirt quilt as a surprise for my daughter’s 40th birthday ! I enjoy your blog very much. Your patterns are great to work with and I have done about 10 picnic dresses for the girls I various colors and ruffle variations. I have done one jumper in the past and am looking forward to sewing these 2. I love these latest pictures of your family apple picking. They are growing up so fast! This giveaway looks fantastic and I am already dreaming of what to do with it, should I win.

  133. Just finished a darling tryptic hanging of squirrels for my daughter. I am now back to work on a quilt for my granddaughter for Christmas.

  134. Currently working on an English Paper Pieced quilt for a “Challenge” a friend is running on her blog (Tales of Cloth – Shape Family Challenge). It will hopefully be my first finished (bound and quilted) Quilt by the end of this month so I can Photograph it and enter it in the Challenge Finale.

  135. I’m stitching some hexies flowers for my GFG quilt.

  136. Gilda McCain says

    Looks like a fantastic book. I am working on Christmas decorations.

  137. I am currently working on a Halloween quilt. So cute and Happy Halloween everyone!

  138. Lindsey Thomas says

    I’m working on a quilted Christmas table runner. Only 3 months to go til Christmas!

  139. Experimenting with a spiderweb pillow. Also a dress for my daughter needs to be finished!

  140. I am in the middle of making my daughter’s costume for a Renaissance masquerade ball.

  141. I’m currently working on a Christmas themed Georgia Vintage dress.

  142. Alison Conran says

    A pillowcase and your halloween bags for my grad daughter in Australia.

  143. I am currently up to my ears in fleece! Sewing by request, 2 dragon costumes complete with hood, mittens, shoe covers and wings for my 4 year old twins!

  144. Nancy Minchew says

    Just finished dresses for my granddaughters – next is a new cover for my foot stool!

  145. I started my first Party Dress last night for my daughter, as a practice run for how I will use the pattern for her Halloween costume.

  146. I’m working on sewing Halloween costumes for our family.

  147. I am currently working on Halloween costumes for my grandchildren

  148. My current project is a block of the month where I am using up my stash but when it is done I will want to work on something NEW…..
    At this moment I am in the final stages (I hope and pray) of Shingles. A terrible disease!!!! I had no idea. (And yes I had the vaccine and apparently it only works “some” of the time. I sleep a lot but finally feel like sewing again so I am back at it. (A little)

  149. Debbie Lawrence says

    I am working on a Halloween costume for my niece

  150. Finishing the final layer of a Convergence Challenge quilt. My own design….thinking my drafting skills are actually improving! But first, it’s off to the Los Angeles County Fair – my quilt won the proverbial First Place Blue ribbon- first entry into anything, got to see it and maybe watch peoples reactions…

  151. I am working on a baby quilt for my 5th grandchild. I love all your patterns and cant wait to try more.

  152. I’m working on a lap quilt with a pocket and flannel backing for my 99 year old Grandma. I found some wonderful hand sewn blocks at our local Fabric Recycle store here in Overland Park, KS.

  153. I am still working on my FQS Crossroads quilt. Thanks for the fun giveaway. I would love to win a copy of the Jolly Bar book!

  154. Currently working on scrundlewear for me! Next up is pants for the little one!

  155. I am working on 2 Halloween wall hangings for my grandkids.

  156. I just finished my “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” witch. She stands about 18″ tall and really looks good. I think I will enter her into our state fair next year. Just like Melody above, I won first place at the Texas State Fair for my Christmas Elves statues along with a couple of Honorable Mentions in other categories. I enjoy all of your patterns and tutorials. Thank you

  157. I am currently working on my first twin sized quilt. It happens to use 5″x10″ blocks 🙂

  158. I’m sewing an astronaut costume for my son and a quilt for my neighbors’ new baby. 🙂

  159. I’m working on Halloween placemats for my grandkids.

  160. I am working on a memory quilt with photos of my family (some of whom are no longer with us) for my daughter’s first birthday in late October.

  161. I’m making a wedding dress. Yikes!

  162. I’m not in the middle of anything yet, but my grandson wants me to make him a costume. He just needs to make up his mind what he wants to be.

  163. Lisa Donahue says

    I’m currently putting rows together on a Hidden Stars quilt. Next up, a quilted Christmas tree skirt!

  164. I am currently making Christmas stockings! Updating our existing ones, really. Then next up, I hope to do a Christmas table runner. We’ll see if I can get it all done!

  165. Joyce Weinmann says

    I am working on organizing my sewing room so I can find things and not be surrounded by so much clutter. Then I’ve got several UFOs I need to finally get to.

  166. I am currently making a scrappy quilt from a blue and yellow layer cake. It will be a surprise for my best friend. 🙂

  167. I love jolly bars!!

    • Didn’t post my whole comment — I love jolly bars!! Currently working on Halloween costumes for my girls (dinosaurs)!

  168. I am in the process of making a “Spools” quilt out of the “Ruby” fabric line from Bonnie and Camille.

  169. Nancy Frazee says

    Currently I am trying to reduce my stash of vintage pillowcases and linens. Making sundresses and twirl skirts for little girls.

  170. I just picked out fabrics for my quilt class, and am going to cut them out today. It will be a modified x & o quilt with black solids and colorful kid prints. I plan on donating my quilt to our local kid cancer camp charity. Also need to appliqué a t shirt for my nieces bday at the end of the month. Thank you for the chance!

  171. on my cutting table are 2 little girls dresses and 2 dolls dresses out of the same material then my grandson wants a turtles quilt and pyjamas to match

  172. stephanie box says

    I’m working on a skirt for my daughter, using leftovers from a darling baby blanket.

  173. Finishing up the last few blocks on a Gypsy Wife quilt for a year long quilt along project.

  174. Christina F. says

    I am trying to finish a Dr. Seuss quilt I started more than a year ago and had to abandon.

  175. Beth Williams says

    I am currently working on baby blankets – I have a new great-nephew, as well as two new baby boys born to friends at church! This must be the year of the boy!!!! This book looks adorable and would be a great help to me in the next couple of blankets I need to make!!! Not to mention the other blankets I really want to make for other nieces and nephews!!!!

  176. Susan Taylor says

    I just finished appliqueing a game day tee and a letter shirt. When I finish the Christmas pillow cases for my grandchildren, I will probably start working on a green corduroy jumper for my 3 year old granddaughter.

  177. Elizabeth McGukin says

    This looks like a fantastic booK!!!! I am currently working on children’t clothes with a disney theme. My children and grandchildren are going to disney World in November so I have been very busy with that. Also am busy getting ready for the Christmas season. I am seriously thinking about using the party dress pattern. Had fun with it several years ago!

  178. I just traced the pattern for a dress.

  179. I am working on a disappearing 9 patch table runner in fall fabrics.

  180. Jolly Bars are the only type of precuts not currently in my stash! I love the idea and need to make a project with them soon! I just finished one big project and am currently pulling fabrics to make a quilt for my son. No girlie fabrics for him, so I may need to go shopping!

  181. Pam Loberger says

    I’m starting to work on my Grandaughters’ (Neko 7, Paige 5) Christmas dresses. I was in a quandary as to what to do this year, as in the past I had done things like black and white plait taffeta (using the Party Dress Pattern with a huge red satin sash and bow) and red silk empire-waisted dresses with full skirts and antique lace at the waistline and edge of the puffed sleeves)p. The girls always looked lovely, but I was thinking that I’d do something more whimsical this year. However, I didn’t want them to be too cutesy or too cliche.

    Imagine my delight at your newsletter with the Georgia Vintage pattern and Riley Blake Pixie Noel prints. I may incorporate a bit more whimsy using some embellishment techniques I learned in my classes with Kari Mecca and her “Whimsy Sticks (TM). The perfect answer to my delemma and something I’m certain the girls will be thrilled to wear. Needless to say, that’s my current project.

    Now all I need is something equally as perfect for my four-year-old grandson, Rhys.

    Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.

  182. My sewing room is fully of projects, but on the table for this weekend is my 5 year old’s Cinderella Halloween costume. She asked to have a dress like the recent live action version of Cinderella so my table has lots of blue satin and tulle all over and my clothes feel like they are permanently glittered. The book looks awesome, thank you for doing such a fun giveaway!

  183. Terry O'Leary says

    I am a beginner quilter and I am working on a Christmas table runner. Love to sew. Thank you for a great give away.

  184. So many project so little time! Currently working on farm girl vintage Lori Holt Cozy Christmas quilt.

  185. I’m working on a baby quilt for my sweet baby girl and costumes for both my kids, Dorothy and the lion 🙂

  186. I am working on a Halloween costume for my daughter and several small projects to get the baby’s room ready.

  187. Love the Cottage Mama patterns. What a nice giveaway!
    Now working on shirts for myself & grandson.

  188. I am just thinking of trying the Ga Vintage Dress for my granddaughter..I just got my Michael Miller fabric in the mail so need to get started. It is the Nordic line and will be perfect for her Christmas dress. I am anxiously awaiting my runaround romper that I ordered last week to sew for a grandson who is due to arrive Nov. 17! So exciting…..
    I made the party dress recently for my granddaughter ‘s first birthday. It was beautiful!

  189. I’m making placemats for Meals on Wheels.

  190. I’m currently working on puff quilt that’s been a WIP this year. I’m also hopeful to finish two other WIP before the end of the year!

  191. For Christmas I’m currently working on a wedding dress, train, petticoat and veil for my granddaughter’s AG doll!

  192. I’m currently working on a baby quilt for my niece and fall dresses for my two girls 5 & 7.

  193. I’m working potholders (since mine are old and thinning and I burned my whole hand on a baking sheet last week) and a queen-sized quilt since my grandma scolded me for only making crib-sized quilts. 🙂

  194. I have some mending to do first. Then a couple of quilts! I’m hoping to re-use last years Halloween costumes again. 🙂

  195. I’m currently working on a queen size wedding quilt, a halloween wallhanging and a fall table runner!

  196. Karen Payton says

    Right now I’m working on a sewing project tote, then it’s on to Christmas stockings!

  197. I’m working in a Tula Pink City Sampler quilt, as well as some mini quilt swaps.

  198. Connie Marshall says

    Looking for a new quilting project. Need a new quilt for our bed. Loving looking at your book. I’m a beginner, have only made three quilts so any help would be great. Love your children’s clothes and reading your blog. Oh that there were these kind of blogs to read when I was a young mom.

  199. Melissa Powell says

    I have a few projects that I am working on, two of which are a party dress one in my little pony fabric and one is princess. some reusable snack/sandwich bags and some kitchen washcloths.

  200. I’m making a jellyroll quilt for my 95 year old Dad…I hope to win a book & start making jolly roll quilts

  201. Stacy palmer says

    Currently I’m working on sewing my daughter’s patches on her Girl Scout uniform and finishing up my daughters dresses for picture day!!!

  202. Sharon Plante says

    Currently working on a few dresses for my great-granddaughter. Just ordered two patterns from you this morning, can’t wait til they come in so I can make them!

  203. I’m currently working on more cloth diapers for baby 2 but I’m looking forward to finishing the dining room curtains!

  204. Farrah Dawley says

    I’m working on a quilt for my daughter out of “girlfriends” by Robert Kaufman. And also a fun and funky Halloween skirt for my daughter also!!

  205. Melinda Meehan says

    This would be so exciting to Win! Currently I’m finishing a tote bag for a Christmas gift. I loved reading what others are making.

  206. Beverly Taylor says

    I’m working on fall and Halloween table runners!

  207. Murphys Country says

    Halloween costumes for 3,5, 9 year old grandchildren; christmas lap quilts in the making as Halloween costumes are completed.

  208. Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween!

  209. I am currently working on Halloween costumes. It’s themed this year, Beauty and the Beast, so I have the beast, Belle, Gaston, and a winch costume in various stages that I’m working on. My grandson, who is disabled and in a wheelchair, will be Lumiere and his wheelchair will be the table for the candelabra (him).

  210. I am working on outfits for Octoberfest in our town.

  211. Regina Harris says

    I am currently working on my first quilted purse — if successful I plan to make for Xmas gifts.

  212. Robyn Lehman says

    Sadly there’s nothing on my cutting table right now 🙁 We just moved so everything is still packed up. I’m hoping to work on a fall wall hanging soon tho!

  213. I just cut out some plaid cotton flannel that I’ll be using to make a mid-season jacket for myself. I realized this morning that I don’t have anything to throw on over my outfit when dropping the kids off at school on crisp fall mornings, so I figured I should get busy and make something!

    The Jolly Bar Book looks so cute! I love that it’s spiral bound.

  214. Margaret Lawrence says

    Currently on my sewing table are several things – the most important of which are a set of throw pillows and a caftan that I am making for my mother’s birthday next week. The quilts will have to wait!

  215. Right now I’m making my friends’ granddaughter’s dress for Halloween. She’s into Umizoomi so I’m trying my best to duplicate a dress like “Milli” wears. Thanks for your continued generosity.

  216. Mariska Tammer says

    I am currently working on a big bag, a Halloween costume for my nice and memory blankets from my dat who recently passed. The book would help loads in my namen last project!

  217. I’m working on rope baskets for teacher gifts, a Halloween costume and a onesie quilt. I hope to start an advent calendar and have it done in time.

  218. I’m finishing up some knit ruffle pants for my daughter. I keep thinking about trying a quilt!

  219. When my older sister passed away she had a quilt cut out. I am currently trying to sort through all the pieces and organize them so I know what I have. I am then going to sew the quilt together like my sister wanted. I will then have something that she selected the fabric and pattern for.

  220. Barbara Hills says

    I am working on quilts for my two youngest granddaughters for Christmas right now. I’m using material based on Beatrix Potter’s characters and think they will just love them!

  221. Diana Barnes says

    I am just starting a table runner.

  222. I am working on a block quilt for my daughter’s first big girl bed and getting ready to start on an Alice in Wonderland inspired Georgia Vintage dress 🙂

  223. I am working on sewing machine covers for all my machines. I have one done, next cover is for my serger.

  224. Shantel Anderson says

    I have a Wyoming tag quilt I am trying to finish.

  225. Cyndy McGuffie says

    Working on hat for my granddaughter.

  226. Too many projects! – skirt muslin for me, a garden rite, and no doubt Halloween costumes here soon!

  227. Chelle Chapman says

    I am making some sweet outfits for my 2 Granddaughters for their Fall wardrobes.

  228. Joyce McEntire says

    I am working on at least 10 charity quilts at last count and 7 or 8 quilts for Christmas gifts….think that I will finish most if not all of these. I sure am going to try my best.. oh I am also cutting scraps from all of these. Am I a wishful thinker? I am fortunate enough to be able to sew about 8 hours a day. : )

  229. Hi.
    I’m quaking on Wedding Bunting fir my daughters Wedding.

  230. Apologies.
    I ment to say .. I’m working on Wedding Bunting for my daughters Wedding .

  231. Christine Woodrow says

    Just cut out my first Georgia Vintage and hoping to start sewing tomorrow. Having made about 6 Party Dresses, 2 A Line Dresses, Little Lady Coat, and Classic Coat I thought it was time to make some other dresses and I have already bought fabric for The Sweet Dress and The Dainty Darling – why, why, why are there not enough hours in the day to sew!!!!

  232. Just finished a quilt for my grandaughter…going fabric shopping tomorrow for a halloween costume for her….& some christmas fabric for a party dress .

  233. Tiffany Blair says

    I currently have two dresses for my little ones cut, and (first time) a pair of riding pants! Thanks for this lovely book giveaway

  234. I am trying to learn how to free motion quilt in between a Halloween outfit for the grand. On my sewing desk I have three small projects that are sandwiched and ready for me to practise.

  235. I am currently sewing a wall organizer for my son’s room–Star Wars themed. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  236. I just finishing up some stuffed puppy dogs and have been working on making a pair of ruffle capri pants for my fair little lady. Next on the list, is to make a tooth fairy pillow.

  237. I’m sewing summer dresses for my granddaughters.

  238. I am currently working on applique pillows for my new sunroom.

  239. Lorraine Bradley says

    I love the way FQS pack their fabrics when posting. They always look gorgeous when opening the parcel. Currently sewing a little dress for a friend’s granddaughter. I have also traced out your Shortcake Reversible Romper…next project to sew.

  240. I am working on gingham placemats – they have a country fresh look which will be perfect for our kitchen.

  241. Fireside Quilter says

    I just finished making a dozen Christmas stockings in a variety of fabrics and colours!!! So I’m thinking… What’s next??!!

  242. A pair of skinny jeans & a tunic for my daughter, and leggings & a top for my granddaughter.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  243. Sharon Spencer says

    I am making fall napkins for a birthday present. I’m also sewing an outfit for my Grandchild out of Pixie Noel ordered from FatQuarterShop, my favorite online fabric store! Sharon Spencer.

  244. Tonight it has been a surgical gown for the Pyjama Fairies charity. Tomorrow however I’m getting started on all things Christmassy!! Stockings for the kids and advent calendars are a priority this year.

  245. I’m actually working ON my sewing room, which is shared with my guest room. I’m painting the walls light turquoise and will have red accents including an antique iron bed from my husbands family which I will be painting red. I can’t wait to start sewing again!!!

  246. Bonnie Witcher says

    I’m currently working on smocked Christmas dresses for four granddaughters, knitting for grandson and always have a quilt going. Love your designs and website ~ one of the first things I look for !

  247. I’ve just emptied out the craft room ready for some new furniture to go in. First project on the (new!!!) table after that will be a simple quilting fabric ruffled skirt. Then I am tossing up a tilly and the buttons new rosa pattern or one more grainline archer.

  248. Currently working on two memory quilts for a friend who lost her Father and one for his little grandson.

  249. I am working on a quilt for my husband. The center piece of the quilt is a depiction of his deer stand. Pretty awesome. In between I make and sell bags.

  250. Kathleen Bowen says

    I’m using PUL fabric to make something I call “Snappy Snack bags.” They are waterproof, easy to clean, snack bags that automatically snap closed after the child removes their hand ~ thus, no spillage of snacks.

  251. Thanks for the generous giveaway. I have two quilts I” working on right now. One is for a class I’m taking at my LQS. The other is for a “class” at my church. I hesitate to call it a class; it’s more like an old fashioned quilting bee. Anyway, that’s what’s in my sewing room right now.

  252. Deanna Crossgrove says

    I’m working on a BOM mystery quilt, a Bad Boys of the Bible quilt, a minion outfit for my granddaughter and Barbie mermaid clothes.

  253. Monica Gilbert says

    I’m trying to decide what to start next. It could be a Halloween costume, embroidered tote bag, or dress for my daughter. It’s really a hard call.

  254. Karen Reinert says

    I am currently working on burp cloths and bibs that I am making out of left over material from dresses that I made for my granddaughter. After that I plan on starting some skirts and dresses for my granddaughter.

  255. rosalia Kaintz says

    Rose Kaintz aka Nona ( Italian for Grandma)

    I am currently working on a Halloween costume for my first grandchild. She is 18 months old, her name is Olivia and she absolutely loves OWLS !!! Thus, we have come to call her OOOOOOOOWWwwwwwwwlllllivvvvviiiaaa.
    I have just started to take up sewing again, as I sewed for my three children “in the day”. I am so excited to be doing fun things for the grandchildren now. Learning to quilt would be nice, but right now I am still mastering the ‘pillowcase’ dresses………again, soome for Halloween and Fall. Thanks for your opportunity/give away.

  256. Finishing a Halloween mat for my table. But I need to wait just a bit as my machine is not feeling well and needs to go in for a check up. 🙁

  257. I’m actually working on a dress to wear for work!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  258. Im currently working on a memory blanket from my daughters baby clothes. Weve had troubles passing them all along. Since no more babies and shes our very special last child a memory blanket is definitely in order. Story of her roller coaster ride into this world.

  259. Ellarose Zurfluh says

    I’m working on 25 stuffed puppies (using the free CM pattern) for donation to the church to add to their shoeboxes for needy children at Christmas.

  260. Grandma Susan says

    I am currently working on a soft, fluffy, cotton gauze baby comforter for my 5 month old granddaughter. Also I am creating a patch for my daughter’s lifelong friend’s little son. He is extremely allergic to dairy and wheat so I am embroidering patches for her to put on his little school bag and back pack. They will alert anyone of his allergies and that he has an epi-pen. And lastly I am adding a Tula Pink Octopus ribbon to a sweatshirt for me that I machine embroidered a octopus on the back. Why an octopus? Don’t know, it just looked cool. Thanks for the chance to enter your contest.

  261. Karen Addleman says

    I have a quilt that needs the quilting finished, another quilt that needs the borders added, and several items I am altering.

  262. Sheila Newcomb says

    I am making another bag!!!!! I love bags. Just finished a quilt for a 13 year old granddaughter. It was fun making it.

  263. Cheryl Ann Habink says

    Love your blogs. Currently I am creating pillows for my adult daughters Christmas gifts. The fabric is a homespun look linen in off-white on which the words “Joy” or “Believe” will be hand embroidered. A nice accessory for the sofa during the Christmas holidays. Also working on stuffed toys and doll clothes for the grandkids gifts. Cooler weather increases sewing room tIme.

  264. Suzanne Gallard says

    At the moment I am working on two charity scrap quilts for a hospital near me that has the only Huntington’s Disease Unit in the state. They need to raise money all the time for new equipment so they raffle the quilts and sell them at fetes. One is a lap quilt made from Lonni Rossi fabric cuts and the other is a pram quilt. I’m also working on a recycled shirt quilt for a family member from shirts that my son gives me. He will only buy shirts that are 100% cotton and he seems to recycle them quickly so I’m in seventh heaven when the passes them my way.

  265. Debbie Miller says

    A quiet book is on my sewing table now.

  266. Actually my sewing table is empty….i’m creating my own sewing room from my daughter’s empty bedroom. can’t wait to have it done. so when I have a sewing room again, I’m looking forward to sewing beautiful fabrics again!

  267. Currently working on a fall table topper, Spinning Star pattern and an Elizabethan Kirtle for reenactment.

  268. Right now I have sewn 15 dresss and I am working on another bunch right now,making different styles.I am in a craft show and am sewing for my twin granddaughters 2nd birthday and making dresses for the solidays for them.So I gotta get back to it.Thank for a chance.

  269. Cindy Painter says

    Hi! I am working on burp cloths for my new granddaughter, Maggie Rae. Also, I am working on a Christmas panel, “He is the Reason for the Season.” Blessings for you.

  270. I need to make 15 more blocks of my Twisted Log Cabin then I can sew it all together and celebrate!

  271. Renea Yarolim says

    I am working on a Card Trick quilt. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  272. Hi Lindsay,
    I’m currently working on the mini spools quilt pattern by Thimble Blossoms.
    It is so much fun!

  273. Judith Martinez says

    My current project is getting my sewing area organized and set up in our new home.

  274. I’m working on a a quilt out of baby clothes for a friend.

  275. Trisha Beck DeOre says

    I’m finishing up a quilt for a friend’s baby, and I am looking forward to making two more quilts for my expectant sister-in-law and a close friend. (In the meantime, I’m also hoping to make the Little Lady Coat for my daughter this autumn.) Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity, Lindsay!

  276. I’m actually working on a fat quarter dress right now!

  277. I am making summer [we live in Australia ] tops and shorts for my new grand daughter and great niece, from some bright fat quarters I have been keeping for spring. thank you

  278. I’m working on a large quilt for my husband’s birthday.

  279. At the moment nothing because I need to clean up my room so I can find stuff. Also getting stuff ready for a weekend retreat in Oct

  280. Actually, I have several projects going on right now. I have just cut out my granddaughters Christmas dresses as Santa’s pictures are November 20th.

  281. Marguerite Fedele says

    I too have several projects in the works. I am working on a quilt for my mother in law. My father in law just passed away and I’m using some of his shirts for part of he quilt top. Along with that working on a quilt for my sisters birthday, a quilt for my grandson who will be 6, a dress for my granddaughter’s birthday and finally pillow cases for the pediatric unit in the hospital in which I work. I have a few ideas for my next projects.

    Thanks for the opportunity, I love the website!

  282. Nothing exciting; a starflower bee block that just needs two more lines of stitching before being mailed and a stack of 5″ squares to be made into a quilt for a wonderful teacher. That quilt should have been gifted last year, but better late than never (plus, the teacher doesn’t know, so the quilt can be given whenever I like!)!

  283. A quilt for my daughter, some decorative pillows, and a quilted wall hanging – all for Christmas gifts.

  284. I am sewing some new house-dresses and have cut out pajamas bottoms for myself. I have also been sorting buttons saved from grandmother to mother to myself. I always have some kind of mending. Thanks for offering “The Jolly Bar” book, I would love to have it.

  285. Debbie Miller says

    I currently am making a flannel rag quilt! I also have several gathered 8 panel skirts cut out and an “Outlander”
    inspired dress for my Waldorf doll from fabricI purchased in Scotland! Thank you so much for your wonderful patterns, blogs and giveaways! They are all awesome!

  286. Minnie Mouse Halloween costume for my daughter.

  287. Zipper bags!

  288. Lindsay Kelly says

    Emmaline dresses by Violette Field Threads.

  289. Well I am currently finishing up a crocheted blanket for eldest daughter and her husband who where married a year ago on october 1oth, 2015. My middle daughter just got married on may 7th this year. I would love to make her a quilt. I can’t get over all the amazing ideas you have. I just would love to have a copy of the fat quarter book.

  290. Machine quilting a small wall hanging.

  291. I am working on 2 baby quilts using fat quarters for 2 grandchildren coming in December and a tea cozy for my daughter in law’s birthday.

  292. What a wonderful giveaway!!
    I have a few projects in my sewing table a pillow cover with repro prints, a wallet for my husband and some clothes for mending. But with my little daughter is soo dificult to finish my UFO.
    Thanks in advance for this chance to win 🙂
    I will keep my fingers crossed

  293. Currently I am beginning a lap quilt for myself, a baby bonnet, a couple of dog toys, and creating a layout for quilts for my grandchildren.
    Thank you for the chance to enter!

  294. Terri Santa Coloma says

    Binding for a baby quilt

  295. Right now I`m in a brainless mood when this happens I cut 12 14 ” squares of muslin and get my many, many, many bags of scraps and tear many, many, many strips and sew them diagonally onto squares until I`m done.
    Then I cut them all to same size and sew them into a Voila! , brainless scrappy quilt.

  296. Roberta Akers says

    I am currently working on setting up my swing room in our new house that we’ve just moved into.

    • Carol Scheer says

      Tee hee – swing room! I know it is a typo but pictured a dance studio room for swing dancing!

  297. I am working on a quilt. I have always wanted to try quilting and am learning bit by bit. It is an adventure I am excited to begin!

  298. Sara Ferrill says

    Suoer cute! Right now i am working on a Halloween wall hanging that is centered around Edgar Allen Poe themed, fussy cut squares! Very cute!

  299. Marijke Knopjes says

    Greetings all the way from sunny South Africa! I am currently fonishing of the 13th ‘Party Dress’ that I’ve made this year for all the little ladies in my life …absolutely LOVE this pattern (I adapted it into princess dresses, church dresses, play dressess…such a winner!).
    The next project lined up are two mini diaper bags (with accessories) for dolls…

  300. Carol Scheer says

    I am working on tote bags, experimenting with using interfacing for reinforcing them.

  301. Embellished koozies, dainty darling dress, and a big stack of half-dones in the closet.

  302. I’m about to sew a new blanket for my daughter, “Whaterver The Weather Cloud” fabric, Robert Kaufman

  303. I’m starting a quilt. I’m a total beginner but I like this new Jolly bar thing! I’ve seen already a couple of nice quilts around with this bundles!

  304. I am making a dress for my daughter

  305. This is a wonerful giveaway. Thank you! I just finished a little snowman project for my friend’s birthday. I am also piecing a quilt for a daughter-in-law and am doing handwork by backbasting an applique when i am not at home.

  306. I’m smack-dab in the middle of a skirt for my 8-year-old daughter. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  307. Amber Vonhofen says

    Quiet Play Mini Swap/Circle of love! Plus all the stuff I need to put away from my last market!

  308. I’m finishing up a satin and lace formal dress for a friend. Next up, quilts for my sisters.