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Shoot Along 2016. Join us! www.thecottagemama.comHappy New Year! I’m looking forward to lots of new and exciting things here on The Cottage Mama. One goal I have for myself is to take more candid photos of the kids and our family. Daily life kind of stuff, you know? I love the pretty, modeled pictures of the kids that I get to take from time to time, but I want to make sure that I capture ‘real’ life as well. You didn’t think my whole life was just pretty dresses, beautifully plated food and perfectly clean interior design, did you? I try my best, but no one is perfect. There are days my kids pick out their own clothes (and make some interesting choices), the house doesn’t get vacuumed (somedays I say I live in ‘Crumb City USA’) and we pick up McDonald’s on the way home from dance class. But those are the types of moments that I want to remember as well as the pretty ones.

Have you heard about the Shoot Along 2016 project yet? It’s an amazing, year-long photography plan for parents who want to take better (and more!) pictures of their kids in 2016. I’m totally doing it this year and am hoping some of you might want to do it along with me!

Shoot Along 2016. Join us! www.thecottagemama.comThe project was created by two award-winning family photographers (Amy Tripple and Heidi Peters) who realized that they needed some extra support and motivation to stay on top of photographing their own families. Because, let’s face it… as parents we’re all SO busy, and it can be easy to forget to pick up our cameras to take pictures of those sweet, everyday moments.

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls. The most AMAZING sewing pattern book for girls! The Cottage Mama

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls. The most AMAZING sewing pattern book for girls! The Cottage Mama

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls. The most AMAZING sewing pattern book for girls! The Cottage Mama

You guys might recognize some of Amy’s work…….she photographed my book, ‘Sew Classic Clothes for Girls‘. You guys………she’s amazing!!! And seriously one of the nicest, most lovely people you will ever meet.

Shoot Along will send members weekly emails to help them learn photography and stay motivated for an entire year. Here’s what you’ll get in each email:

  • a short photography lesson
  • an interview with a famous photographer (the photographers will be sharing personal images with their tips and tricks… so cool!)
  • inspiration to keep your camera out and ready
  • a Photoshop Elements editing video for those hoping to learn a little photo editing this year (DSLR version only)
  • weekly photo prompts

Shoot Along 2016. Join us!

There’s also an amazing online member board for Shoot Along members to connect, share, and inspire.

There are TWO versions… one for DSLR users and one for smartphone / point-and-shoot users. I’ll be doing the DSLR version, but I think both will be equally fun!

The best part? By the end of the year, you’ll have your family’s 2016 story documented in beautiful pictures. It’s a gift to yourself AND your family!

I am SO excited about this project! Click here to check it out!

So will you join me?

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