ePottingShed Giveaway

ePottingShed Giveaway on The Cottage Mama. www.thecottagemama.com

Today I have another fantastic holiday giveaway for you! I’d like to introduce one of the newest sponsors here on The Cottage Mama, ePottingShed (EPS). EPS is a mail order plant and flower company, but they aren’t just like any ole florist you might order from online………they are unique and different. When you receive a delivery from EPS, it’s definitely feels like a special occasion. Let me share a little more…….

Here are some of the offerings from EPS available when you order:

ePottingShed Giveaway on The Cottage Mama. www.thecottagemama.com

ePottingShed Giveaway on The Cottage Mama. www.thecottagemama.com

ePottingShed Giveaway on The Cottage Mama. www.thecottagemama.com


And here is a little more straight from EPS:

ePottingShed Giveaway on The Cottage Mama. www.thecottagemama.com

ePottingShed Giveaway on The Cottage Mama. www.thecottagemama.com
So I was lucky enough to receive a shipment from EPS! I was beyond thrilled when I opened my front door and saw this amazing looking box on our front porch…….

It’s a statement piece, don’t you think? I love how grand the box is as well as the adorable graphics all over the packaging. Once you remove the box, you will find this inside:

ePottingShed Giveaway on The Cottage Mama. www.thecottagemama.com

The brown paper packaging covers the plant and is tied up with twine. Attached is a burlap envelope with a note inside that includes care instructions for your specific plant. There is also some additional information about the plant you have received.

ePottingShed Giveaway on The Cottage Mama. www.thecottagemama.com

I definitely have a soft spot for beautiful packaging. Isn’t it fun to receive a pretty package?

ePottingShed Giveaway on The Cottage Mama. www.thecottagemama.com

And here is my pretty Lemon Cypress tree! It smells amazing and I have it sitting in my kitchen by a sunny window. One of the really neat things about the pots is that they are EcoForms and are 100% compostable. That was really surprising since it’s a very nice, hard pot with a saucer, but that’s just another fun fact and thing to love about ePottingShed.

ePottingShed Giveaway on The Cottage Mama. www.thecottagemama.com

So how would you like to win a $50 gift certificate to ePottingShed? You could use it to have a beautiful plant delivered to a friend or treat yourself to something special (I’m sure you deserve it). You can enter to win via the rafflecopter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I enjoyed looking at the site. I wish they were more transparent about shipping charges. I would like to know how much it is before I put in all my information. That is something that keeps me from ordering at many places.
    So many other places have at least a close estimate that I can see by only putting in my zip code. Perhaps you can suggest this to your contact there at ePottingShed.

    • Hi Gene! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! We are a small team of two, so we take all feedback very seriously and will definitely discuss if there is a way we can somehow incorporate estimates into our website. As it stands, we have the site set up to generate actual live shipping charges from FedEx rather than overcharging clients by using inflated generic flat fees. I assure you that we do not retain any of your information if you decide to cancel your order after obtaining that live rate, though I know those forms are never fun to fill out! If it helps we will be offering 25% off starting tomorrow through the 25th for all orders! Come give us a like on Facebook to see all of our latest offerings! Thank you again for visiting our website! We are happy to be sponsoring such a great blog!

      • Megan: Just read your reply to Gene, the reason re: shipping charges, as I agreed with Gene wholeheartedly… The only problem is for one to actually have to TAKE THE TIME to do all that, enter all the info,and then cancel… No offense, it’s a waste of time. I have ordered from other sites, and they advise one to plug in their zip code, and that will give the shipping cost. I’m sure, though, that you are considering doing that right now! BUT, you DO have wonderful products. I will, hopefully, enter Lindsey’s giveaway, and get a nice coupon! Best of luck to you in your business! 🙂

        • Thank you Gloria for the feedback! I know filling out forms is never fun! AutoFill is my favorite thing invented since the Internet arrived 🙂 I assure you that we work closely with FedEx to keep our overnight and 2 day shipping rates as low as possible. Most orders ship for around $15 so we hope people don’t find filling out their order to be a waste of time at the end of the order! We will definitely work on trying to find a way to give an estimate once we are bigger and able to upgrade our website. That’s excellent feedback! Have a fantastic Holiday!

    • Gene: I agree — I also logged on to the site, to see the shipping charges, but saw you had to plug in all of your info before finding out the shipping. I, too, wish they would change that….

  2. Beautiful site and your packaging is wonderful. If it’s any indication of the quality of the plants they are going to be amazing.

    • Thank you so much Rina! We alternate our plants frequently and always try to offer something stunning and unique!

  3. So charming. I signed up immediately.

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  5. mechele johnson says

    I love this shop! The Lavender Tree is fabulous!

  6. Your packaging skills are amazing! The plants all look so healthy and vibrant. Who wouldn’t love to find something fun on their doorstep!? Thanks for the chance!

    • Thank you Sandie! It took us months and months and months to come up with a box design that keeps our plants protected while shipping, so we absolutely love to hear that clients love it! All of our heart goes into our products! Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment!

  7. Congratulations Rachel! We sent you an email with instructions on how to redeem your gift card! Have fun shopping!