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Love for Ruby: The Cottage Mama

The thing I love most about the blogging is the sense of community. There are so many different women that I interact with on a daily basis and perhaps have not met in real life, but I still consider them my friends……some of my dearest friends. Today I need your help. My friend Christie from the blog ‘A Lemon Squeezy Home‘ is at the hospital this morning with her beautiful six month old daughter, Ruby Jane, where Ruby is undergoing open heart surgery. My mom (Grandma Jane) actually just had open heart surgery to replace her aortic valve about four weeks ago, so I can begin to understand what this family is feeling today.

Ruby was diagnosed at birth with Tetralogy of Fallot which is a very serious heart condition. She is undergoing her heart surgery today, but has a very long road ahead of her. Christie is just about the sweetest person there is and if you’ve never read her blog before, you should. She created the most wonderful ‘Heart Warrior‘ shirts for her kids and is just a beautiful soul. We (the blogging community) want to show her our love and support as she and her family undergo this battle.

So today we are sharing our support by posting pictures of hearts on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #loveforruby. We’ve been planning this for sometime and Christie is not aware that this is going on. We hope that we she sees all the visual love and prayers that are with her today, it will help lift her up through this difficult time.

So are you with me? Want to share some love for our sweet Ruby Jane?

If you don’t do Instagram or Facebook, perhaps you could just put a little prayer out into the universe. I firmly believe in the power of prayer and this little lady and her family need all they can get. And you can also donate to the family to help them with meals, care for their other three children, etc., by sending a direct donation through Paypal to [email protected]. You can also join the Love for Ruby Facebook group to show your support.

I’m praying my hardest for you today, Ruby Jane! We love you!!

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  1. Poor little chicken. She is in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Marcia Herath says

    My niece has this surgery. She is now 7 and has no trouble keeping up with her twin brother-maybe even bossing him a little! Prayers for Ruby Jane and her parents.

  3. I didn’t realize your mom had open heart surgery! How is she doing now? I hope much better. Send her my love. And love to you too!