The Start of Spring…….and $100 Home Depot Gift Card

It’s finally Spring here in Chicago. It felt like winter was going to last forever, but we have finally thawed out and I think the freezing weather is gone for good (or at least until next winter).

I love the beginning of spring, don’t you? I get all these great ideas of things I want to do in the yard, flowers I want to plant, landscaping to be done. I don’t usually get around to all of it, but I always make time for planting flowers on our porch.

Several weeks back I was asked if I would like to try some new Premium Plants from Miracle-Gro that were being sold exclusively in Chicago Home Depot’s. Well, they didn’t have to ask me twice for that one because I was just about ready to go buy my flowers for spring planting anyway.

I always use Miracle-Gro potting mix for my window boxes and pots on the porch because I really do see a difference in the flowers in comparison to the years where I just used the regular stuff. These Miracle-Gro Premium Plants are supposed to have extra nutrients in the soil and be set up for a great growing season. And if I’m really honest, I always seem to do great with my gardening those first few months or so, but then the weather gets really hot and the mosquitos come out and I start to lose steam……so I can use all the help I can get. And since they have a 3-month money back guarantee……I’d say I’m good to go through mid-August.

So guess what I’ll be doing this Mother’s Day weekend? Planting my new flowers on our front porch. I’m excited to see what these plants do this season. I’ll have to give you an update later into the summer. Will they still be going strong? I’m going to guess so, since Miracle-Gro always seems to do the trick, but only time will tell…….

How would you like to go buy yourself some Miracle-Gro Premium Plants (if you’re in Chicago) or something fun for spring?
How about I give you $100 Home Depot Gift Card so you can go buy some of your very own? 
All I need you to do is leave me a comment and let me know what is your favorite thing to plant in your garden each year and what region of the country you live. 
There will be one winner selected and the giveaway is open until Sunday, May 12, 2013 at midnight (CST).

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  1. Hi Lindsay,
    I live in Florida and my favorite thing to plant in my garden are trailing verbena. They attract butterflies and hold up well during our very hot summers. Thanks for the chance to win.
    Nancy 🙂

  2. I love to have Petunias in pots on my deck – forever flowering!! Thanks for the chance to win – this is an amazing prize!!!

  3. I have only planted some bushes at the front of the house. I need to re-locate about 3000 daffodil bulbs someday. I really, really want a big hibiscus and peony, like my grandmother had in her yard. I’m in middle Tennessee!

  4. I LOVE planting tomatoes. Its so silly but that’s my thing. 🙂

    tgallop at mts dot net

  5. I live in Kentucky and I’m not a very successful gardener. I do love planting gerber daisies though — so colorful!

  6. I am in the NE surrounded by deer, so we can only plant what they don’t like to eat. They like to eat almost everything, but daffodils escape unscathed! Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. I love snap dragons, and they do really well in our hot hot summers here in New Orleans.

  8. I love the colorful zinnias that I plant beside the garage entrance. They welcome me every day. I’m in PA.

  9. We are moving soon and buying a home after renting for several years, so I will be starting the landscaping from SCRATCH! Fortunately the beds in our new home are already established, but they are bare. I’d like to start with azaleas and petunias — my favorite for the lower Midwest region to which we’re moving. (Indiana) Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I love geraniums. There is just something cheery about them. I also love pansies and petunias too. I live in New Hampshire.

  11. I live in Arizona, so it’s hard to grow some types of flowers here due to the heat. However, geraniums, verbena and million bells always do great, so I plant them in containers and enjoy them on our front and back porches. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  12. I live in Boston and this is the first year in our new house that I get to plant the garden. It is super exciting and I’m planting a whole bunch of perennials including my favorite plant as a child…silver mound. It is so soft and fuzzy I would (and still do) love to run my hands over it. I’m also planning on planting a bunch of lilies.

  13. I really love colorful flowers…however i am not the greatest gardener. Succulents do best at my house..haha. I live about two hours north of LA in CA.

  14. would love to work on my garden!

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  16. I’m in Utah and this is my first year having a yard to plant in! I’m a total novice, but excited to do my own planting this year!

  17. I live on Long Island.. the spring is so unpredictable here.. so I plant alot of Marigolds until it warms up for the summer.. then I go crazy with flowers in all shades shapes and colors 🙂

  18. Your flowers are so pretty! We live in Ohio – zone 5 in the gardening world, and I love love love to garden! I plant lots of perennials and fill in with pretty annuals in the empty places for color and to be thrifty! I love the wave petunias and bocopia together in my planters and like you I always use the Miracle Grow potting soil in my containers for oodles of bright summer blooms!

  19. I live in the Deep South and I love yellow roses.

  20. I live in Buffalo, ND and we are planning on planting too as we have finally thawed out!! My favorite things to plant are either petunia’s or our veggie garden! Yum!

  21. I am in Florida and I love to plant colorful flowers, snapdragons are probably my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. I love to plant hostas and I live in Oklahoma!

  23. I live in Michigan, and growing up I always planted impatiens for Mother’s day for my Mom. Now I like to plant them at my own home. I little reminder of my Mom everyday!

  24. I like to change it up every year….this year I think I am going for all geraniums…..if I am the winner I really want to get a wood screen door for my sewing cottage and then put lots of potted geraniums around it! Thanks so much for the chance…love your site 🙂

  25. I’m out here in metro Denver, Colorado so we can plant soon! Easter afternoon was GORGEOUS out here so we went to Home Depot and purchased the materials (sans flowers) to build their Flower Tower project. Which is EASY PEASY! We built two of them but we have to wait to load them up with wave petunias! They look so sad sitting in my garage just waiting for some lovely flowers.

    We started a vegetable/fruit garden last year and planted: 4 tomato varieties, corn (super fun to grow), watermelon, strawberries, carrots, lettuce, bell peppers, various herbs and cucumbers.

    Last year, I loaded our cart up with various size and colors of flowers to plant around a small tree in our front yard. I don’t even know what they are/were! It’s amazing what just a few, colorful flowers can do. We planted some petunias and pansies and some pots to line the walkway.

    This is our first home and last year was our first year planting flowers, fruits and vegetables. It’s so rewarding! Thanks for the opportunity to win a Home Depot gift card!

  26. Hi. Thanks for sharing your pretty flowers. I love lilacs, bleeding hearts and peonies. They all do fairly well here in Maine. 🙂

  27. I live in Wisconsin; I love seeing the daffodils and tulips come up every year. Even the “johnny jump ups” are so sweet after a long cold winter!

  28. I live in North Central Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth, and I always plant petunias and begonias that hold up to our Texas heat.

  29. I live in Florida and I love to plant cosmos – so delicate and pretty before the summer heat gets them! My daughter lives in MI so I love to plant bulbs in her garden to enjoy each spring. Nothing says winter is over like daffodils and tulips!

  30. Here in MT I won’t be planting for another couple of weeks. I love anything colorful. That likes hot, windy weather and oesn’t require much care.

  31. Sweet corn and watermelon are my favorite things to plant in the garden. They are my two favorite things to eat from the garden too!

  32. I love to plant wildflowers! All the bright happy colors make me happy. I’m in Kansas.

  33. Veggies are number one in our garden!
    Kim M.

  34. I’ve always loved planting vegetables, especially carrots. However, as a child I always had a hard time waiting until they were fully grown 🙂 I live in Washington state.

  35. I live in sunny San Diego and would live to get started. Love blue and purple flowers. Also want to start working on an edible garden so I need to look into what to plant when.

  36. I love perennials because they come back every year! We live in NW Ohio.

  37. I live in Indiana. I love planted petunias every year, they seem to make it through every kind of weather.

  38. I live in SC and I love planting strawberries! My son gets so excited watching them grow until we can eat them.

  39. Good morning from Midland, Michigan!
    It is a rainy morning here and cold.
    I love to plant pansies, geraniums of all scents , marigolds, petunias and all different perennials.
    We love sweet corn and fresh cucumbers as well as tomatoes!

  40. Exciting time for Planting, we just ordered all plants for Planting, this is our second year in our new home in the Central PA Region. I’m excited to plants our trees and flowers. Very excited to plant a Lilac they are so fragrant and beautiful and our first dogwood trees:)
    Thanks again for the wonderful giveaway <3

  41. Good morning from Midland, Michigan!
    It is a rainy morning here and cold.
    I love to plant pansies, geraniums of all scents , marigolds, petunias and all different perennials.
    We love sweet corn and fresh cucumbers as well as tomatoes!

  42. My husband and I just bought a house, we have not even moved in yet, I am so excited to have my own space to grow and nurture. I have been doing quite a bit of research about what I want to plant. I have decided to create a beautiful space made entirely of edible or medicinal plants (I am allowing myself plants that can be used to make natural dyes as well). I cannot wait to get some grees and herbs planted! I live is region 6a (Northern Kanasas)

  43. Snap peas. Pretty vines, pretty flowers, yummy food. This year they’re climbing up one of our old baby gates!

  44. I don’t know what my favorite thing to plant is yet! We’ve been in our house for about a year, but we haven’t gotten around to landscaping. It’s so overwhelming! We live in Michigan.

  45. I WANNA WIN I WANNA WIN! i live in central wisconsin and my daughter is getting married on our farm! this would be so so perfect! gerbera daisies are my favorite but i really love them alll! =)

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  47. Unfortunately I haven’t had a place to garden for the last 6 years. We just bought a house & will move in June 14th…I can’t wait to get in & plant flowers. I love to do hanging baskets & pots with petunias, trailing flowers of all kinds and geraniums. I also plan to put out some new shrubs. This would sure help spruce up my new yard. Thanks for the opportunity.

  48. I love tomatoes because they grow so well and just keep supplying me with more to can and make homemade salsa. I’m in middle Tennessee. 🙂 Thanks for this great giveaway! We have an overabundance of projects and this would be an amazing help!

  49. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I love carnations and roses. I am in washington state love the weather here specially in the summer.we get pretty wild flowers.

  50. I am in California in the Sacramento valley area. I love roses and lavender!!! Home Depot is the best!

  51. I am in Vermont and we are just starting to plant. I can never get enough zinnias, they are so colorful and last for weeks and weeks. [email protected]

  52. I love colorful flowers! I live in CA near the Sacramento area. I would also love a herb garden.

  53. I have what could be called a “black thumb.” I’ve planted herbs. (They died.) I’ve planted flowers. (They mysteriously disappeared over time. Okay, they died.) But I do live in a 100 year old house that ALWAYS needs ‘help,’ so that Home Depot card sounds wonderful!

  54. I’m in Rhode Island, transplanted form California, and my favorite thing to plant is still tomatoes!! So versatile! Salsa, BLTs, Bruschetta…mmmmmm!!! This giveaway is awesome!!

  55. I live in Nebraska, and my husband and I always have fun planting our vegetable garden. We try and pick out something new each year.

  56. I love to plant herbs and vegetables, but this year we are planting blueberries for my daughter. We are in the south so I hope the acidity in the soil is just right!

  57. Every year I always plant geraniums. I love them.

  58. I love any type of plants! I plant a garden each year that does pretty good. My flowers on the other hand tend to get neglected as the summer goes on. I would love to win the Home Depot card. I live in Colorado.

  59. I like a lot of things in my garden, but my absolute favorite is tomatoes. I live in NJ, so mid-Atlantic.

  60. I plant a lot of things in my tiny Chicago garden (I’m in the city). My favorite flowers to grow are calla lilies. My favorite edibles are tomatoes–they taste so good when they’re homegrown!

  61. I live in the Midwest and my favorite flower to grow is the Vinca. It’s a flower that’s available in many colors, continuously blooms, and never needs dead-heading.

  62. I’m in the beautiful state of Colorado and I THINK our snow has finally stopped. I love planting perennials so they come back every year – well, most years – lol! Bought my flowers at Home Depot last year and they were the best I ever had!

  63. We just bought our first house, so I am really looking forward to breaking out of container gardening and digging in the ground. I’m hoping to put in some peonies in first and foremost. Then, who knows:)

  64. I love zinnias! Giant ones! We are in Tulsa (Zone 7a)

  65. I in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I love the deliahs, roses, lilacs, hydrengea, peonies and ranunculus..oh what a pretty vase of flowers those would make!

  66. I live in South Georgia and plant any vegetable. I plant few flowers because keeping the wildlife out of the veggies is work enough. I enjoy our little garden very much and with such a great climate am able to plant almost year round!

  67. I plant tomatoes and snap peas because they are so easy and delicious up here in the PNW (Washington).

  68. I love planting flowers for the hummingbirds and butterflies. My daughter loves seeing them!

  69. I live in Texas and tend to plant whatever appeals to my colorful spirit. Every year, I tend to change it up. Typically going for anything that will bloom bright & bold flowers.

  70. I live in the midwest and we’re buying a house soon so I guess I will soon find out what I want to plant. An herb garden is definitely on the top of my list and of course tulips for next spring!

  71. I live in Arizona and I’ve yet to decide what my favorite thing to plant is. All I know is I’m ready to ditch the cactus for something beautiful!

  72. I live at 7000 feet/zone 4b with short, cool summers… I love flowers and vegetables, especially tomatoes! They are so much better home grown!!

  73. I haven’t planted much though I’d love to (brown thumb). I love seeing daffodils and live in Northern Idaho.

  74. I love roses! (Western North Carolina) Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. No gardening for us in our apartment in Montana, but when we move back this fall to the family farm in South Dakota, I can’t wait to put in a strawberry patch!

  76. Hi, I live in Tennessee and I love to work in my yard this year it has been very hard to do since I had foot surgery in February and it is taking a long time to heal. I love all kinds of flowers that attract butterflies and hummingbirds I hope to plant some petunias, daisies and marigolds. Love the ones you purchased!!!!

  77. I live outside of Seattle, and hmm my favorite thing to plant (must think hard since most stuff has been failing the last couple of years) well its..catnip! neighborhood cats are happy, my cats are happy, and it actually thrives! Thanks for the giveaway.

  78. I live in AZ. I like to plant pansies, snap dragons and marigolds. Thank you for the chance to win in this give away.

  79. I live in Utah and I always have to plant tulips!!


    [email protected]

  81. I love planting vegetables, especially sweet corn, in our southeast Pennsylvania garden!

  82. I live in east TN and I love planting herbs, I just bought some grapefruit mint that I need to get in the ground by my water spigot. I also love flowers, zinnas have became one of my favorites to plant every year from seed because I can have fresh cut flowers from my garden in my house all summer untill frost. And summer just wouldn’t be summer without ferns & geraniums on my porch

  83. I live in West Texas. I love planting sweet potatoes because of how their green leaves pop. 🙂

  84. I’m in Kansas. We plant tomatoes. You cannot beat a homegrown tomato.

  85. I would love to try strawberries!

  86. I’m in Chicago too, and I love to plant cukes

  87. Just planted my veggie garden in February and I love to visit it multiple times a day.

  88. I am planting my first vegetable garden. I’ll have my raised bed in by next weekend so that gift card would be used to buy some tomatoe, cucumber, and pepper plants along with a few herbs and annuals.

  89. Growing season here in Phoenix started a while ago! We love to plant the large sunflowers that grow around 6 ft tall. I grew up on a farm so I love corn, peppers, tomatoes and let’s not forget melons. I live on watermelon during the summer!

  90. I live in South Carolina. I love to plant veggies , herbs and flowers. I want to get some more bulbs to plant. And I need to get some grass seed to plant on some areas we have cleared off that were just overgrown and full fo debris left by the revious owners of the property we now live on. Slowly turninbg this place into a beautifuly landscaped yard with garden.

  91. I live in Southern California but because we don’t have a yard of our own, I always like to get color pots of flowers for my front porch when the weather warms up. Hopefully we will be getting a house soon and then I will be able to plant all sorts of lovely things.

    cochina1414 at yahoo dot com

  92. I’m in Oklahoma. I love to plant snapdragons, vincas, and zinnias. Thanks for the giveaway!

  93. I live in North Carolina and I would say strawberries.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  94. I live in Atlanta, GA. I’m wanting to plant more hydrangeas in my yard. Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  95. I’m a New England girl, living in CT. I love the tulips, daffodils and crocuses we have in early spring. And for the first time, we are planting some dahlias gifted to us from my dad. But my favorite is the tomatoes we plant in big pots on our back porch – nothing like eating a tomato plucked from the vine, warm from the sun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  96. I live in Maryland and I always plant tomatoes and basil and parsley. This summer, I will also plant zinnias, my Dad’s favorite flower. Wonderful giveaway!

  97. I live in Ohio and spring is finally here as well. Hooray for beautiful flowering trees. Every year I love to plant the garden with the kiddos. We planted pumpkins, Cucumbers and Tomatoes. Love your blog, wish I was more confident with my sewing.

  98. I live in New York and my favorite things to plant are tulips and roses, they are so cute.

  99. I love to put red geraniums in white hanging baskets on my front porch. They look so cheerful all summer long. I live in NJ.

  100. I live in Indiana and we just filled our front beds with some great new plants. My favorites are wave petunias with some vines in between to fill out the planters.

  101. Just bought 2 new perennials today and browsed the annuals for ideas. I’ll need to go back after I formulate my plans!

  102. I love planting begonias, impatients, gerbera daisies, and lots of other wonderful, colorful flowers.

  103. Hi, we live in southern CA and we just started a raised garden this year. We are growing cucumbers, watermelon, red and orange peppers, and tomatoes. Yummmy and we can’t wait to share with our family and friends.

  104. Lovely giveaway! We are in northeast Ohio and last year we put in a large raised-bed garden, which is our favorite place to plant. It’s fun for our 5 kids, people make a point to walk by, smile, and marvel at our front yard!

  105. I love my iris, but I don’t have to plant them each year. 🙂 I plant lots of impatiens and petunias each year. In Minnesota!

  106. I love to plant profusion zinnias. They bloom all summer and become like a bush…. very pretty. I live in southern Wisconsin! Thanks for the opportunity to win the $100 card!

  107. I like to plant a variety of tomatoes and herbs. My brother does the big gardening. I live in North Carolina. Thanks for the giveaway.

  108. We live in Elkhart IN and they’re talking possible frost Sat and Sun nites so I’m not planting flowers until Mon. I have a flower bed and a veggie garden but my favorite each year is a hanging basket with fusha. It’s a humming bird favorite and we enjoy watching them.

  109. Tomato is my favorite thing to plant in the garden each year in MN.

  110. Beautiful pictures. I live in the northeast, in southeastern NY in the snowbelt. I only have one house plant, a chrysanthemum . Can’t afford to buy any flowers or anything. Bills come first and rent…if I could plant a garden, I would love to plant some lilies, baby’s breath, elephant’s ears, ferns, and some ivy…maybe someday. Would like to have some houseplants in the house like cacti, aloe, a few leafy plants and a few flowering plants too. It is good for the atmosphere and healthy physically and mentally too for us occupants too. This gift card would be awesome. Sweet giveaway! Whoever wins it will be able to get a ton of kool flowers with it to start their garden or even finish it.
    I bet your flowers will look lovely in your garden! 🙂

  111. I love planting my tomatoes each year. Nothing beats a garden tomato! Oh and I am in CA!

  112. We live in the deep South and have to plant early before the heat and humidity and bugs ruin the garden. Cucumbers and chard, tomatoes, and green beans are favorites for the veggies, and gerbera daisies and poppies and zinnias for the flowers.

  113. I like to plant the always-reliable petunias and geraniums on my patio each year. I live a tiny bit north of your region – in Madison WI. We’re expecting temps in the 80’s next week – gardening weather for sure!

  114. I love fresh tomatos so we plant them here in n. georgia

  115. I live in Oregon, and love to plant roses every year. I grew up in Southern California and never had to deal with seasons–we planted anything any time we wanted. Now I live in a place where the temperature goes down to single digits in winter and I have a lot of learning to do. But so far our roses have been resilient.

  116. I live in Madison, Wisconsin, and I have been planting marigolds (among other things) every year for about 47 years.

  117. I live in the Atlanta area and live to plant lantana. In grows like crazy and loves the heat! The yellow makes me happy.

  118. I love to plant fruits and veggies–strawberries, raspberries, asparagus, tomatoes, etc. I m currently in SE Texas, but we still own our home in Utah. In Texas, I live in an apartment, and I have pots of tomatoes and other veggies. In a few years we can return to our house in Utah, where I have fruit trees and raised bed gardens just waiting for me to plant them.

  119. The Miracle Gro Plants sound like a great idea. I live in the New England area so I’ll have to wait until they are introduced here. My favorite things to plant in our garden every year are basil and tomatoes.

  120. I am from Texas, and i love to plant and eat tomatoes. I do not like eating tomatoes from the produce dept of any store, but give me one out of the garden, i will eat it right then and there!

  121. Thanks for the giveaway! I always plant tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and potatoes and love to harvest from my little garden. Most of my flowers come back every year, thankfully, like my Lantana and Mexican Heather. I live in North Texas. wonderlandbyalyce at gmail dot com

  122. I live in Arizona and i usually replace my succulants that I may have killed or just add to the indoor plants to prepare for the summer heat

  123. We live in northern Michigan on Lake Charlevoix. I can’t plant until around the 1st of June and then have to watch the weather for about another week. I do have some seeds starting in the garage. My grandson and I planted 250 sunflowers to pass out to all the neighbors.

  124. I live in Florida and love hibiscus. Tropical and ever-blooming, this plant adds such a beautiful aspect to yards!

  125. Tomatoes! No matter WHERE we live, or what the zone, no matter what the space available, hubby HAS to have his tomatoes. We seldom GOT tomatoes in NC, but we planted ’em anyway! They’re doing pretty well here in South Texas, as long as we keep them plenty watered. Personally, I love having flowers that attract the hummingbirds!

  126. My triplets LOVE tomatoes, cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes & they grow so well in a pot here in Houston, TX. They would LOVE to see them grow!

  127. I’m in the south, and I love to surround my front steps with pots of wave petunias.

  128. im in the south also, and this year our love is roses and grapes!

  129. I live in South Carolina in the woods, I have come to love all the shade plants and special are the hostas, all the sizes and varieties . Thank you for the fun giveaway. [email protected]

  130. We live near Portland, OR and I always plant petunias and my favorite, tomatoes!
    Evin5 at aol dot com

  131. I live in South Dakota and last year someone gave me a big pot of cala lilies (which I love.) They grow beautifully all the way through early fall. I just have to winterize them inside during the winter months and bring out again in the spring.

  132. In my flower garden I always have to plant marigolds but in the garden it is LOTS of tomatoes….that has to be my absolute favorite…thanks for the great blog and the generous givaway…[email protected]

  133. Ohh I’ve been waiting to plant stuff this spring, but am waiting for my husband to help me prepare the flower beds, since we just moved to this new place in November. I want to plant a dogwood and redbud tree in our front yard, close to the house, and then some sort of wild flower look of a garden bed. Well, something that will survive the extreme heat of Oklahoma summers.

  134. I love to plant my veggie garden. I love to make homemade salsa! I live in Missouri.

  135. I’m such a fan of perennials – they are beautiful, you can plan it so that there is always something blooming (even if you don’t get out and baby them!) and as I’m having my 4th baby in 5 years in a few weeks, I haven’t had much time to garden recently. It has been so nice to sit back and enjoy the perennials I planted ages ago when I was footloose and fancy free, aka, childless!

  136. We enjoy Begonias, Tomatoes and have lovely Azaleas in the front! I am from the South. Thanks for this opportunity!
    I’m a huge fan of Cottage Mama.

  137. I love roses but I am considering planting a small herb garden instead of flowers. I definitely would love to have a couple of tomato plants also. I live in Tennessee.

  138. I love to plant zinnias, daisies and coneflowers here is Wisconsin. I guess that is more than one(?)

  139. I love all kinds of flowers but this year I am going to try a butterfly bush. I live in north central Alabama. Thanks for the opportunity.

  140. I love to put geraniums in pots on my porch. I have perennials in my gardens. I am thinking of planting a vegetable garden in our churches new community garden especially for tomatoes. I live in Western Michigan.

  141. I live in Kentucky and I love ferns on the porch! Also, impatiens thrive well without watering every day.
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  142. I love my fresh veggies from the garden and really want to get some apple trees, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. We live in Minnesota and I am so anxious to get started.

  143. We live in North Carolina. My favorite veggie (well, fruit, really) to plant is tomatoes, especially German Johnsons and Sungolds which both do well here! In the front, we plant bee balm for the bees and butterflies 🙂

  144. I’m in zone 4. Right now I’m focusing mostly on perennials – especially the yummy ones like blueberries and fruit trees!

  145. I love to plant dahlias. The best bang for the buck in the garden in my opinion. I’m in Zone 8 Maryland. Thanks!

  146. I love to plant cosmos. I’m in Zone 6 in Western NC.

  147. My hubby and I just bought our first home and move in very soon! I would love to revive the little neglected garden in the backyard. I remember always having fresh veggies as a kid and working in the garden with my own mother. I’d love to give the same to my kiddos. 🙂

  148. I’m in Northern California and I love to plant marigolds. They take the heat well when I forget to water . . .

  149. I am in northern Minnesota and just thinking of gardening, in fact it was snowing today!! I got into a community garden this year and am very very excited about that! Thet gift card would come in real handy in purchasing some plants, and also tools that I will be needing this year.

  150. My favorite flowers to plant are petunias and geraniums. Both are so vibrant and beautiful. In our vegetable garden, we plant green beans, lima beans, purple hull peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, yellow squash, and peppers. We also have a strawberry patch, blueberry shrubs, and rosemary that we enjoy each year.

  151. I always pretty much plant the same things I guess… I’m hoping this year to break out a bit…

    but I plant tomatoes of all kinds… from big heirlooms to cherry and grape tomatoes. cucumbers. bell peppers. a chili pot for my kidlet.

    and then flowers. all kinds of flowers. bleeding hearts, salvia, pansies, dahlias. Big bright blooms that make me happy when I’m on my porch.

    i’m in michigan. supposedly spring is here… hard to tell today. it’s 40something and wet. BURR… but tomorrow, for mother’s day, my flowers will be whatever I pick out from the nursery. my guys don’t like giving me dead flowers (cut flowers are dead as far as they’re concerned…. they like to give me live plants that i can pot and enjoy for a while…)


    [email protected]

  152. I live in Northern Indiana and I plant a small vegetable garden every year. I’d like to do more with perennials in our front flower bed though.

  153. I live in Green Bay, WI where we are under a frost warning tomorrow night again. It’s risky to plant anything here before Memorial Day. I love to plant impatiens in pots to put under our oak trees and out on our deck. Thanks for the giveaway!

  154. I live in NY, and as far as flowers go I love to plant pansies! I also love to plant fresh herbs to cook with, especially basil! Thanks for the chance to win!

  155. I just started a garden, but growing up, I LoVED tomatoes from our garden!!! I live in Dnver, Colorado.

  156. All the flowers are so pretty!! My favorite things to plant are fruit and veggies hopefully this crazy Wisconsin weather straightens out so we can get started 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  157. I live in Idaho and my favorite things to plant are colorful flowers and also veggies, such as the butternut squash (my favorite).

  158. I love to plant vegetables!



  159. I’m in California and started planting tomatoes with my kids. It’s been so much fun!

  160. I always plant lots of petunias in the spring. I enjoy them all summer long!

  161. I love to plant new perennials every year. The gardens just multiply every year and look beautiful.
    In New Jersey

  162. For annuals I love to plant dragon leaf begonias! I love the French Marigolds too!

  163. I would love to do some landscaping in my front yard this would get me started!

  164. Thank you so much for this offer. I live in Ohio and simply love to garden. I am really hoping to increase the number of shade loving plants in my garden in addition to filling many pots for our front porch.

  165. We live in Michigan and I love planting flowers. Last year I planted irises, rhododendrun, lavender, hostas, daylilies, and a vegetable garden. My vegetables didn’t work out but my flowers are doing well! I hope to keep adding more flowers around my yard.

  166. We live in NY, and every year I try to add something new to my garden. The hunt is the fun part!! I do love lavender, though.

  167. We just moved to AL, so I haven’t even had a chance to look at what grows best but I love tulips!

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  168. This is our first Spring in Kansas City and I would love to start some herbs and tomatoes in my garden, especially now that it hopefully won’t snow anymore!

  169. I love the smell of jasmine coming through the open window to scent our home. Happy gardening!

  170. I live in Texas, and with the heat here I can always count on Petunia’s to stay alive!

    lindsfitch at hotmail dot com

  171. I’m in Kansas City, and I love our honeysuckle!

  172. I’m in Maryland and my favorite thing to plant in the spring is radishes. They grow so quickly that the payoff feels almost instant in plant-time. 🙂

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  174. From MN and love good ole green beans and zucchini!

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