Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion ~ Teaching Recap

I just got back this past Monday from being away for eight days teaching sewing classes at the Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion. It was such a wonderful and memorable experience, but I am so happy to be back home with my husband and little ones. I was so incredibly flattered when I was invited to teach at the School of Art Fashion. I knew that the teachers at this school were truly legends in the heirloom sewing world, so to be included in this group was very special to me. The school takes place twice a year……in February and July.

To be honest, I didn’t know quite what to expect upon arrival. I knew about the school prior to teaching, but I had never attended and didn’t really have much of a visual about the event. I even ‘google’ searched it to find some pictures, but came up short, so I just brought what I thought I needed and decided to go with the flow.

I arrived in Huntsville, AL on Sunday, February 2nd, 2013 to teach for a full seven days. I have never been to AL, but it turns out it is only an hour and a half from Chicago by plane. And it also turns out that Alabama folks have the most charming accents I have ever heard. Oh, they all just sounded so sweet…….’Bless Your Heart’……I loved it!

 Inside The Cottage Mama Classroom
Outside The Cottage Mama Classroom

I prepared my classroom for seven days of teaching. I brought all sorts of samples of my sewing. Most of them were my patterns or things that we were sewing in my classes, but I also brought some other pieces that I just really loved. I hung things on the walls inside the class and on the outside as well.

 Ruby Ruffle Pre-Day Class

At the School of Art Fashion there are three days of pre-day classes and then a four-day school. I taught three different, day-long classes during the pre-day with different sets of students and then had the same group of students that sewed with me for the full four days in my school.

I was also give an assistant for the week. I don’t know what I would have done without my assistant, Terri. She had previously worked for Martha Pullen, attended the school as a student and worked as an assistant prior to helping me. She was a wealth of information and made me feel so at ease with everything. Not to mention that she was very quick to pick up on some of my (somewhat) complicated sewing tricks so that she could help assist the students. I’m so thankful that I had her help!

So what did we sew? In my pre-day classes I taught the Shortcake Double Ruffle Dress, the Ruby Ruffle Dress and the Janey Jumper. In my school, I taught a new variation of my Charlotte Apron Dress pattern, machine applique and embroidery, a double layer twirl skirt, bloomer capris and two embellished shirts.

Also, during one of my classes the students expressed interest in learning about how I pair and select fabrics for garments. So we took a mini-field trip to the Martha Pullen store at the school and I tried to show them the method to my madness. It’s kind of hard to explain what I do, but it was helpful for me to be able to pull several different bolts and discuss pattern, color and scale with them.

Here are some of the students busy at work sewing, tracing, cutting, ect…….

 Cort, Lyn, Michelle and many others……
 Michelle from Handmade Martini
 Inside The Cottage Mama Classroom


 Connie and Teresa
I loved my students. I was very blessed with a wonderful group of women who were all so sweet and excited to be there creating with me. We had wide range of ages which was a lot of fun. The entire Martha Pullen school ranged from age 19 to 86, but I’d say the majority of my students were mothers and grandmothers with younger children. I had so much fun looking through their iphones and seeing all their precious little ones.
And I was so flattered when I found out that Michelle from Handmade Martini (pictured above in the mustard colored sweater) had driven five hours just to take this one class from me. Can you believe it? And Christi (the red head pictured above) was also a blog follower who took one of the preday classes with me. It was great to connect with these younger ladies and I’m so glad we had some extra time to go to lunch together. I think we would be friends if they lived close by. You can check out the incredibly sweet post about the Martha Pullen School from Michelle by clicking here.

Charlotte Apron Dress Kit

Each class has a kit that is given to each student upon arrival. I selected all of the fabrics, trims, buttons, ect. Then they had a list of extras that they had to bring (basic sewing supplies, thread, and some other extras). Each kit also contained the pattern needed for each garment.

 Embroidery Thread in The Cottage Mama classroom

We had a lot of fun doing some machine applique and embroidery on the apron of the Charlotte Dress. Darlene, my wonderful machine educator that was in my classroom all week, had some great tips and tricks. I encouraged the students to get creative. Three of my applique designs were actually digitized by Darlene and in all of the students machines so they could use those if they wanted (a strawberry, owl and bird) or they could choose a built in embroidery design. It was very exciting for me to see them all go in different directions and create something different.

In addition to the classes there are several other events such as lunches with amazing sewing and embroidery machine giveaways, a banquet with little children modeling different gorgeous garments constructed by students and teachers, a barbeque, and teachers selling night (where I sold my patterns) and a table top clinic (where teachers each demonstrate different sewing projects or techniques).

 Liberty Lawn
(yes, I did finally give in and purchase some)

 Antique Children’s Garments from Martha’s personal collection that were sold via silent auction. All proceeds were donated to charity.
 Lace. Lots of Lace.
 Dresses and Rompers all gathered and ready for smocking.

Also, there is a giant pop-up Martha Pullen store in the center of the event. There is everything from quilting cotton, linen, silk, lace, ribbon, patterns, books, notions and so much more. I tried to keep myself out of there as much as possible, but I finally caved and bought some things on the very last day. You should have heard the buzz around the school when they had silk dupioni on sale for $5.00. It is so much fun to be around other women who are just as obsessed over quality fabrics as I am. And the ladies who attend the School of Art Fashion take it to a whole new level. I love it!

So I’ve shown you a lot of my experience, but what’s even more impressive is the work from this talented group of instructors hired by the Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion. Here are some inspirational pictures from some of the other instructors classrooms……

Pieces pictured above from Kari Mecca

Pieces pictured above from Connie Palmer

Pieces pictured above from Trisha Smith of Trisha’s Treasures

There was also a new Baby Lock school taught by Joi Mahon teaching students beginning draping and adult fashion design. I only heard amazing things from the students about their instruction from Joi. Above are some original creations by Joi and the students with their original fashion designs. It was amazing to see!
And finally, here I am with the one and only, Martha Pullen, herself. Martha, in a nutshell, is just simply amazing. She has a presence that brings a room to a complete stand-still. She has a faith that is unwavering. An energy that is completely contagious. And a business savvy that is to be admired. And on top of all that, she is a 70 year old woman who can still rock a pair of gold sequined uggs. Yes, she is that fabulous.
Like I said before, it was truly an honor to be invited to teach at the Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion. I knew that going into this event, but I was told time and time again by the students about how honored I should be to be teaching. I was quite young in comparison to most of the teachers and to be lumped in with this amazingly, talented group of instructors gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling. 
I’m not quite sure how I’ve ended up where I am today, but I am thankful and grateful and truly blessed.

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  1. wow, what amazing stuff. I so wish I lived closer and could go!!

  2. Amazing…So happy for you and glad you had a wonderful time!! I have followed Martha Pullen through her Magazine and Books for years..(that dates me,lol)! Thank you sooo much for sharing your experience and pictures!

  3. Wow look at all those wonderful clothes. I would have liked to hear how you pick your material patterns.. They always look so pretty the colors and patterns you put together. I am sure that you got as much out of it as all your students what an experience for you to have.. Looks like everyone had a great time and came away with wonderful items. Loved all the pictures thanks so much for sharing.
    Sandy 🙂 Australia

  4. Oh wow, that sounds like such an amazing event both to visit and to be part of, I’m sure your classes were fab!

  5. Bless your heart. What a sweet recap of your week in Alabama! I am amazed at some of the samples you pictured. I’d love to see how some of those techniques are done.

  6. What a truly wonderful experience! It was more than worth the drive, I assure you. You’ve inspired me to try to take my sewing to the next level. I’m looking at places to add detail, trying to add my own “signature touch” to garments, and taking chances with mixing fabrics!

    Thank you so much for being generous with your time and knowledge. (And thanks for the shout out!) You deserve a spot teaching at the School of Art Fashion, for sure. I’m already getting excited about next year!

    P.S. I SO wish Las Vegas was closer, but it would take more than five hours to drive to the Riley Blake school. Bummer.

    • Hopefully I’ll see you again at another Martha Pullen School, Michelle! Again, it was so much fun to have you in class and thanks so much for traveling all that way. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for you next!

  7. Oh, Lindsay, every bit of it looks amazing! Wish I could’ve been there!! Maybe someday! Congratulations on such a wonderful accomplishment – your teaching position is well deserved!

  8. Nothing short of SPECTACULAR! wouldn’t be there if you didn’t belong…the “blessings” go both ways. (why would people even say that to you?)
    It goes to show you from these pics…there is no such thing as a lack of creativity and there is always something new to be learned, enjoyed and done.
    You must have had a blast!! With all those fabrics and goodies, I’d have been in a state of euphoria.

  9. Thanks so much for the detailed post. I have never been, and doubt I ever get to go so reading this really helps me to see all that goes on.
    I recently went to a 3 day seminar in Shreveport, La that was a Babylock event with Nancy Zieman. It was so wonderful getting to meet her, and the BL instructors were so amazing. Some of them were also at the MP School.
    I’ve been really lucky to have attended 2 workshops with Missy Billingsley. She comes to Shreveport once a year to our sewing center.
    I’m sure your class was a great success, and everyone who attended learned a whole lot. Not everyone is into heirloom sewing even though it teaches so many great techniques we can use anytime.
    Shirley Clark

  10. Wow! Everything looked amazing! Thanks for sharing so those of us who couldn’t go could feel like we were there, too!

  11. What an amazing recap Lindsay! Wow – this looks like it was just incredible. I am so impressed, you are amazing girl!!! So proud of and happy for you!

  12. Looks like such an inspiring place! I love all the little clothes hanging around, how fun! I wish I could take a class from you!

  13. Oh after seeing all of the photos from your recap I am even MORE excited for Fabric Fest in Vegas and your class! This is just what I am going to need to switch things up in my business and move tot he next level! I am getting my passport application today!! ~Michelle

  14. What fun. Looks like you all had such a wonderful time.

    What pattern is the cute red skirt with the bow tied in the front that’s pictured, hanging on the wall? LOVE it. My daughter NEEDS that skirt!


  15. Great write up for SOAF. I was there…and saw your beautiful things. Hoping to get back sometime soon…maybe for YOUR classes!!

  16. sewing ENVY! love it all! I bet it was awesome! Love all of your stuff…heartfelt congratulations!

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  18. congratulations!! and thanks for sharing all those pretty, pretty photos.


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