Washi Dress ~ Women’s Dress Pattern Review

I am in love with this pattern! I mean, seriously. When Rae (Made by Rae) released her Washi Dress pattern I knew I must have it. I could just tell that it would work on my body and I actually saw Rae in person at spring quilt market last year wearing her own version of the dress and she looked adorable.

The beauty of this pattern, is that you can really fit the dress to your bust measurement and the rest is pretty forgiving whether you are straight-figured or curvy in the hips. I went with a size medium, even though my bust was on the upper end of the measurement that was given. I think the fit is spot on.

So this is me modeling this dress. I am SO not used to taking pictures of myself. But I knew you would want to see this dress on and not just on a hanger, so set up my tri-pod and was trying to work it in front of the camera. Ha! Far from ‘working it’, but I tried my best. It felt quite self-indulgent photographing myself, but oh well. Who knows what the neighbors were thinking watching out their windows.

This dress came together very quickly and easily. The most tedious part was putting together all the pattern pieces since this was a PDF pattern. I believe there is a paper copy of the pattern out now, but that was not available when I bought mine. The sewing time was probably about 2 hours.

The pattern comes with facings for the neckline. Instead I opted to fully line the bodice (you know how I love fully lined garments) and did the sleeveless version so that I could layer it for winter. And the dress has pockets! How great is that? It’s great, trust me.

The back of the dress calls for shirring, but I’m not much for that technique. One, I don’t feel like I’ve perfected it and two, it’s a hint casual for my taste. But instead I had seen Rae add in an encased elastic in the back of one of her variations, so I decided to give that a try. I couldn’t find an exact elastic measurement, but just in case you want to do the same, I cut my elastic 6″ shorter than the width of the back of the dress. That seemed to work well.

I used the scoop neck option because I knew I would be layering it with a long sleeved shirt, but I also love the other variation that is given with the pattern. I think I will try that one next.

There are so many options with this dress. The pattern comes with two sleeve options, two length options (tunic and dress) and over on Rae’s blog she has given a long sleeve and a maxi length tutorial. I plan to draft a peter pan collar for this dress, so if I get that done, I am happy to share that with you as well.

This pattern is a little pricey for a PDF at $16.00 and there is A LOT of taping that is involved for the pattern (took me about an hour). But with that being said, the instructions given for putting the pattern pieces together are so easy to follow. Probably the easiest I’ve ever seen. Also, there are so many design options with this dress that you can use the pattern over and over again and create many different unique looks. So really the $16.00 will be nothing if you make several. And you will make several because the fit is so great.
Have you tried the Washi Dress pattern yet? I haven’t heard of anyone who doesn’t just absolutely love it. I was not given this pattern for this review, I bought it and am giving you my honest opinion. If you want a dress that fits and flatters, go get the Washi Dress!
Fabric: Anna Maria Horner: LouLouThi (Clippings Passion)

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  1. it is adorable and it does look perfect on you! and yes, you were working it! those pics of you are great:)

  2. You look great in these pictures. And is that your house? It looks so lovely and rustic!

    • Thank you! This is the entrance into the coach house out behind our main cottage. It sounds a lot more glamorous than it really is, but this is my favorite spot to photograph!!

  3. Me encanta! y te queda genial. Enhorabuena y un beso
    I love it! and you looks great. Congratulations and a kiss

  4. Lindsay, you look awesome in that lovely dress! :o)

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  6. Dress beautiful, feminine and girly, polite and jaunty.

  7. That is gorgeous! I wish my sewing skills were more advanced!

  8. Love this dress:) looks great!!!

  9. Your dress is fabulous! I really want this pattern!

  10. You look fabulous in it! Great job Lindsay!!! This year is all about selfish sewing for myself. And Rae’s dress is one of my faves. I’ve made a dress and a tunic now and have plans for more.

  11. YES! I have made 2 dresses and 1 tunic and will definitely be making more. I love your layers! I hadn’t really thought of that and would love to be wearing mine this winter! I may need to go and get a shirt to wear under mine and some pretty tights!!

  12. You nailed it, Lindsay! So inspiring for that first sew! And that fabric is so vibrant – I think it will really work in any season!

    • Awwww, thanks Stef! I love pieces you can layer. It’s such a bummer to have something in your wardrobe that you love, but that only pull out during half the year. See you soon 😉

  13. wow!! I love it in that fabric!!! Amazing!! What a great idea to make it sleeveless for layering…well, why didn’t i think of that! 😉

  14. Your Washi Dress looks great! I especially love your bright and cheery fabric choice!

    • Thanks, Wendy! I have had that fabric for a really long time and kept thinking about using it for something for the girls, but I’m so glad I didn’t because I absolutely love it (and I’m glad I get to wear it :).

  15. Lindsay your dress is GORGEOUS! I have got to find time to make a wash very soon!

  16. Thank you for the review!! I’ve been eyeing up that dress for a while but didn’t want to do it until I had met someone else who had done it with a success!!

  17. Oh my gosh! This came out awesome!! I love how you layered the dress over a long sleeve shirt. I am now convinced that I need to own this pattern and finally sew something for myself 🙂

  18. Love it – love it – love it! You’ve inspired me to make something for myself this year. That’s my favorite LouLouThi print too. It turned out so fabulous and looks awesome on you! YES! Great job, Linds!

  19. Great work – the fabric is a perfect choice for this dress! I can’t wait to make a few more soon!

  20. oh it looks SO great on you! way to dive into women’s sewing!! yay! the washi dress is the perfect intro project for that – easy sew, can be made in cotton, so flattering. i need to make another one! 😉

  21. Oh my gosh, I love your fabric choice. I cut this pattern a few months ago and have yet to actually sew it. I keep telling myself, I’m waiting because it’s more of a summer dress but really I’m just nervous about screwing it up. My goal this year is to sew a few things for myself. Way to go!

  22. Beautiful! Thinking I should try to do some me sewing:)

  23. You look great in the dress! Love your photos ( and the spot where you took them! ) I think i will nip over and check out the pattern as it looks too fun not to.

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  26. It’s really beautiful! I hope my sewing skills are more advanced.
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  27. I love cooking, sewing, crafting and all cheap floral dresses

  28. I am making my first Washi dress and have constructed the bodice out of muslin. When I go to sew the side seams of the bodice pieces, the bodice front is definitely longer than the bodice back. What have I done wrong?

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  30. I just love your fabric choice!!! What’s the name of it? Who makes it?