A Little Early Christmas Gift & Ryobi One+ Power Tool Giveaway from The Home Depot

As most of you know, my family and I live in a 1934 cottage-style home. When we bought this house about 8 years ago, it was in bad shape. You should have seen the orange shag carpet that was on the stairs or the bedroom upstairs that had carpeting up over the baseboards (what were they thinking with that one…..I’ll never know). We have done a ton of improvements throughout the years (most before I ever started blogging). However, in the last three – four years home improvement has not been on the top of our list with having three kids under the age of five, my husband busy at work, my ‘The Cottage Mama’ business and all the other things in life.

I’m hoping that next year will leave us a little (maybe just a little) more time to tackle a few projects that have been on our list of to-do’s for quite some time. So when the folks from Home Depot contacted me asking if I would like to surprise my husband, Brett, with an early Christmas gift of RYOBI 18V One+ Lithium-Ion tools……..I thought, well that sounds like perfect timing!

I was able to pick out a set that I thought would be perfect for him. I decided on the RYOBI One+ 4 Piece Lithium-Ion Super Combo Set and guess what? I get to give one of these sets away to one of you as an early Christmas gift! So here is Brett receiving his early Christmas gift……

Brett’s early Christmas present waiting for him under the tree.
 Brett: “Hmmmm……I just had my birthday and it’s not Christmas yet. What is this?”

 Caspian: “Hey, Daddy…..what’s going on?”
Brett: “Check it out buddy, I got an EARLY Christmas gift. Isn’t it awesome?”

 Brett: “Wow, this set has four tools!”
Caspian: “That’s great, Dad, but let’s focus here and see if I this thing is strong enough for climbing.”

 Caspian: “Actually, let’s forget about the power tools…….I’m digging these twinkle lights”

 Brett: “Wow, buddy, it has it’s own carrying case.”
Caspian: “That’s great, Daddy. It looks just my size for climbing inside.”

 Caspian: “Again, Dad, forget about these tools…..let’s check out this super-cool box.”

 Brett: “No, Caspian power tools are super cool and this one has a lithium-ion battery.”

 Caspian: “Power tools, huh…..well, let’s see if I can chew on this thing. We’ll see what kind of power it’s got.”

 Brett: “Now listen, Caspian, a man should know how to use his power tools. If you want to know how to put together the biggest toys ever, you need to know how to use this thing.”

Caspian: “You’re right, Daddy, drills are super cool”

Isn’t a drill that runs out of battery so frustrating? You get all the supplies out for your project only to realize that your drill will not even last long enough to get through completion. I was excited to get Brett these RYOBI One+ tools because of the Lithium Ion batteries. Lithium Ion batteries produce a consistent charge throughout the life of the battery, can be charged many more times than other batteries and are not damaged by leaving the charger on too long.

The RYOBI 18V One+ Lithium Ion Compact Drill Kit features the latest in power tool technology and is a great gift idea for the DIY person in your life. This drill weighs less than three pounds, the RYOBI One+ Compact Drill Kit is easy for users of any strength or skill level to use. I love that the tools are more light-weight because sometimes I have to take DIY projects into my own hands and it’s nice to know that I will be able to use my husbands tools if need be. Lithium Ion batteries are lighter in weight, allowing for smaller, more powerful outdoor and power tools. I’m not a wimp or anything, but some of those drills are SO heavy!

Not sure exactly what tool set your loved one would like for the holiday…..then how about a gift card to the Home Depot? That way they can pick out whatever set or tool they would like. They have some really fun gift cards that are interactive. My favorite it the one with Santa’s apron that plays jingle bells. How cute is that? A little more fun than just a piece of plastic. Just something to think about if you are not sure what to get that DIY person in your life.

So what do you think? Does this sound like a set you would like for you or a loved one? If so, just leave a comment below letting us know why you would like to win the RYOBI 18V One+ Lithium-Ion Super Combo Set (Retail Value: $179.00).

Giveaway open until Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at midnight (CST). I will announce the winner soon after so you can make sure to get your gift in time for Christmas!

The Home Depot partnered with bloggers such as me to help promote their Lithium Ion power tool collection. As part of this promotion, I received compensation for my time. They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about the products. The Home Depot believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. The Home Depot’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to learn woodworking. This would be a great way to start. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    rebekahricker (at) yahoo (dot) com

  2. I would give it to my husband, we don’t have the funds for each other gifts this year.

  3. I would LOVE to win this set! I have a lot of “planned projects”!! Thank you for the entry!

  4. I’d like to win this for my husband 🙂 why… well due to budget restrictions we decided to not buy for eachother this year – but christmas is also his birthday so a gift for him would be nice

  5. I’m always wanting to do some little home improvement/crafting projects, but my husband has inevitably lost his tools somewhere in the pit that is our garage. This set would be a perfect one for me to hide from him and use on my projects! 🙂

  6. I would love this for my husband! He never gets anything for himself and has basically NO tools.. he has a socket wrench set and some crescent wrenches and some screwdrivers and a hammer.. zero power tools. I bet he would love this (and that I could make him build cool stuff like a doll house for our daughter, woo!) 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Sherrie Mullen

  7. I love this giveaway, thanks for the opportunity to win:)
    We also have some home repairs that need to happen this spring–like a new deck. These sure would help out!!

    Wildbluestarz {at} aol dottttt com

  8. We bought a 1952 house in July and we are gradually working on redoing it. Like finding the beautiful hardwood floors under the horrible pink carpet.. I would love to win this for my husband, he would be VERY excited!

  9. Oh I would love to win one for my hubby! Hubby has sworn off ryobi since we keep buying batteries for our drill and it lasts maybe 6 months. So this would be awesome! [email protected]

  10. I would love to win this for my husband! Thanks for the opportunity to win. There’s always something to work on in our house. ;p

  11. There is always something that needs fixed, built or put together around here, this would be a nice surprise for The hubby!

  12. Because my current drill ALWAYS runs out of batteries every time I need it! EVERY. TIME!
    Thank you!!

  13. I would love to win this for my husband! He has a lot of second-hand tools that aren’t that great…it would be nice for him to have something new 🙂

  14. Oh how fun! Looks like Brett and Caspian are happy with the gift 🙂 I would love to have this for all my projects I like to work on 🙂 Maybe a fun bday gift!

  15. I would love to win this for my hubby. Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. My husband would definately love to recieve this gift. We always have projects to work on, and having a portable tool, like these with a good battery, would come in handy. Then he wouldn’t have to drag around all his plug-in tools! This would be a great gift for him!

  17. We were literally talking about buying a new drill yesterday! Our’s is long since broken and I’m sick of always borrowing the neighbor’s 🙂

  18. Like you we have an older home which always needs TLC…My Hubby loves the Ryobi brand so it would be a great present for him…Thanks for the giveaway!!

  19. Our house is in need of some repair projects this coming year and my husband is pretty handy. These new tools would be just the right help in getting him motivated at starting the jobs.

    [email protected]

  20. I would LOOOOVE to win this for my husband!

  21. I would like to win the RYOBI 18V One+ Lithium-Ion Super Combo Set for me because my husband doesn’t like to share his toys… I mean tools.

  22. OMG, what a terrific giveaway. My Dad is the ultimate do-it-yourselfer and I’d love to win this for him. Thanks for the opportunity.

  23. I would love to win this to give to my husband. He keeps saying he needs a battery vacuum for the basement and this would be it!

  24. I’d love to win this for hubby – he loves Ryobi tools, and we can’t afford to add more to his shop!

  25. This looks like a perfect gift for my DH. He loves tools and I am always confused when I try to pick something out. Since this one is pre-approved by your DH, it must be good. Thanks for the chance to win.

  26. Oh I would love to win this for my husband! He is constantly needing tools and borrowing his dads.. I have been trying to save up money to get him his own set! I am a tad short and he told me one day in HOME DEPOT that he would get Ryobi if he could! This is an awesome giveaway! Merry Christmas!

  27. Would love to win this b/c I want my own tools!!!

  28. Wow! What a great giveaway! I have a little toolbox of my own so that I know where to find the basics (screwdrivers, hammer, needle nose pliers) but this would be an awesome addition! Thanks for the chance to win and Happy Holidays!

  29. Oh just thinking of all the projects my husband can do with this great tool!! Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  30. Love that these are super tools could be for the super guy in my life! Such a great giveaway. Merry Christmas!

  31. We are in the middle of a huge addition/remodel. This would be a perfect gift for my husband!

  32. We are in the midst of remodeling my parents home. This will be our retirement home. I have had very mixed feelings about changing the look of the house. It was built in 1952. We have had to hire some things done, like having all of the electrical reworked and a new hvac system installed. This set of tools would help us doing the work that we can do. Thanks so much for the chance!!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  33. Wow, this would be a handy gift for my hubby. He’s great at keeping things looking good around our house.
    aliben7 (at) gmail (dot) com

  34. It seems there is always something to be done when you live in an old farmhouse. My hubby would love some new tools for Christmas to help him get the job done!

  35. Well id love to win it for my husband, I keep asking him to make be shelves for my sewing desk and maybe this would give him a push! hahaha, plus we are trying to buy a house and its a real fixer upper he could use all the tools he can get.

  36. My boyfriend LOVES doing all of that handy around the house stuff, but we never seem to have the right tools. He would be so happy to find this under the tree.

  37. My husband would love to have that complete set of tools. He is such a Handy Man to have around and has earned the nickname of Mr. Clever.

  38. What an awesome set of tools! My husband would love them. He does a lot of work on my daughter’s house and really needs some new tools. I’d love to give this to him. The pics of your husband and son are just too cute!

  39. Hi! I would love a new drill set. I’m about to embark on some furniture building and this set would be great.

  40. I would love to give this to my husband, and add to his collection of tools, which means my honey do list can be longer!

  41. I would love to give this to my husband. Maybe it would be incentive to finish the projects our home needs. And he’s always complaining about the battery in his other tools.

  42. I would love to give this to my son-in-law. He doesn’t have a lot of tools and he could really use these.

  43. I love getting my husband power tools. It makes him more likely to want to do the projects I come up with for him to do.

  44. I would LOVE to win this for my husband, what a GREAT Christmas gift! THANKS for the chance!

  45. My husband and I don’ t get gifts for each other bcause we have 4 kids to but for. This would be a wonderful surprise for him, especially since there are so many projects he wants to do around the house.

  46. My husband and I don’ t get gifts for each other bcause we have 4 kids to but for. This would be a wonderful surprise for him, especially since there are so many projects he wants to do around the house.

  47. What a fun giveaway, my hubby would love this 😉

  48. That’d be cool to win! My husband has to build up his own tool stash yet 🙂

  49. I think this would be a wonderful gift for my husband! We have plans to redo our living room and this would really help out! Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. I’d give it to my husband who could use it. I’ve been sick and missed work for a week now. Being able to cross something off my list at no cost to me would sure be helpful!

  51. This would be so great to win! My husband is super hard to buy for, but he would love this!

  52. I would love to win this for my hubs. He’s such a great handy man and this would be a great surprise for him.

  53. I would absolutely love to win this for my husband. I have been bugging him to finish a table that he has been working on for two years and his excuse is always that he needs a drill to finish it 🙂

  54. Ha! I don’t want it for my Hausband, i want it for me!
    I love tools like this!
    We had to leave most of our tools in Germany when we relocated to the US,
    So it would be über- awesome to win this 🙂


  55. My father would love this, he’s been making so many great things for his grandkids but wants better tools.

  56. This would be a great gift for my husband. He loves anything to do with power tools, and I love it when he has the right tools to do a project for me!

  57. I would like to win this so we can finally finish a few of the items on my “if we get bored…” list!

  58. I would love this to for my husband. He is working on our basement right now while he is out of work.

  59. Wow…what a nice set of tools! I would love to have this set for myself. My husband I and just bought our first house last December, and now that we have lived in the house for awhile I am anxious to start making some improvements to our house to truly make it Our Home!

  60. We just moved and had to get rid of some of our tools. It would be great to get some new tools to help replace the ones we had to leave behind.
    [email protected]

  61. Oh, those tools look wonderful. I actually use more tools than my hubby so this would be a much enjoyed Christmas present for me.

  62. My husband has started building furniture – he did a bunkbed and trundle for our girls (and was annoyed that they wanted it painted pink – ha!) and built a huge bookcase for my birthday. I need more bookcases … and he wants to not borrow tools. A Home Depot gift card or the drill set would be great! [email protected]

  63. Great giveaway! My husband is always borrowing his dad’s power drill for projects. He needs one of his own!

  64. My sons birthday is Christmas, and I have no idea what to get him ! But this I KNOW he could use !!! And would love it !!
    Thanks, Pam
    [email protected]

  65. i have a life full of men…two sons, husband, a dad, and a brother….and every one of them loves tools. so one of my lucky male relatives would love it. (sons are too young for their own, though. daddy would have to take possession!)

  66. We are right in the middle of finishing our basement…ourselves. So much work!! Throughout the process my husband has continued to tell me that new tools always make it easier (and I grumble EVERY time) – this would make the perfect gift! 🙂

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. I would love this for my husband. He doesn’t have a lot of tools, and this would help grow his collection!

  69. My husband and I tackled our first big project on our first home this fall – remodeling the kitchen! Wow, it was a lot of work! And we had the exact problem you described – the battery on the drill kept running out before we were finished working. So these would come in so handy on our next project – adding a sliding glass door & deck!

  70. We just purchased our home in April, and similar to you, we have had quite a few projects to do. Although ours was green shag carpet, instead of orange. 🙂 As it is, we frequent home depot on a weekly basis, and I’m sure my husband would appreciate a new set of tools to work with.

  71. We need to get rid of the hot pink shag carpet in our house AND hubby’s planning on building a cabin at my parent’s! Oh yeah, and all of those other home-owner projects that we’ve been steadily working away at for the past 3+ years…

  72. My son just turned 18 and this would be great so he can start his own tool collection!

  73. So many home improvement projects on the list, this would make them so much easier

  74. This is a sweet giveaway…would love to be able to give this to my son for Christmas as the start of the tools he will need to have someday soon!

  75. This is a perfect gift for someone I know who has muscle weakness due to a chronic illness. Holding heavy tools up is tough and these sound like a great alternative to regular heavier weight tools. Thank you!

  76. We just bought a house and need tools to do repairs on our list. This sure would come in handy!

  77. My husband needs this. We constantly have diy projects going on that he has to borrow tools for.

  78. I need my own power tools; my husband doesn’t like to share. I’m hoping to be able to remodel the kitchen next year.

  79. Wow, This is such an aweseome giveaway! I am a SAHM so we are on a DIY budget if we want to fix up our home. We have done a few this year and have some bigger ones planned for next year. So this woudl be perfect! Thank you so much!

  80. Wow great give away! I have alot of home projects that need to be done and when you mentioned lighter weight and longer lasting battery I knew this was for me! Home Depot gift cards are great for gift giving, especially those hard to buy for guys on your list!

  81. Fab giveaway! I’ve been trying to urge my husband to be more hands on Mr. Fix It guy. This would help out my cause a ton!! 🙂

  82. Oooh! Well we have all the tools we need here mostly (as I’m the DIY’er) but I have a friend who just moved into their first house who doesn’t have much of anything, I know they’d love something like this a a housewarming/Christmas gift!

  83. I would love this for my hubby. We have been remodeling our house and are always in need of more power tools. He has a small supply of them!

  84. My husband would love this tool set! He is one that is constantly frustrated by having to recharge the batteries in his! Of the 6 1/2 years we’ve been married, we’ve been remodeling (2 houses) for 6 years, 5 months! He deserves a treat!

  85. I would love to win this for my husband…it is time for him to upgrade his power tools.

  86. i would love one for the plain and simple fact of we bought a house! these house things seem to everything wrong with them once you own it!

  87. I would love to win this for my husband. His power drill has stopped working and he could use a new one. Thanks!

  88. We hardly have any tools in our house. We’ve been too busy moving from place to place, but now that we’re settled this would make a very nice Christmas gift for the family helping us to create a home.

  89. My man candy loves him some tools! I always like to pretend I know what they’re for too!

  90. I would love to win this because we just moved into a 1935 farmhouse in rural Missouri. It needs a little TLC, and these tools would help tremendously.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  91. We are moving and would love a new power drill for hanging pictures on white walls (we’re renters so nothing big for us).

  92. What a fun gift. I would love to win one!

  93. You can never go wrong with power tools. Last Christmas I bought myself (I mean HUSBAND) a driver. I love that thing!!

  94. We live in a 100 year old house, so tools are always needed!

  95. Our home was built in 1890, and it has required one constant renovation after another. We would be so grateful for that combo set.

  96. My sweet husband could really use some funtional tools that don’t come second-hand.

  97. My sweet husband could really use some funtional tools that don’t come second-hand.

  98. My sweet husband could really use some funtional tools that don’t come second-hand.

  99. I would love to win for my husband. We will be moving into our very first house in January and he could use this.

    Thanks for the chance to win

    [email protected]

  100. What a great giveaway and perfect timing. I would give it to my brother as he wants an 18 volt battery powered reciprocating saw for christmas. I have to admit that I would try and talk him out of the drill as mine died a few weeks ago.

  101. my husband would love for me to win this for him! thanks for the chance

  102. I would LOVE to get this for my husband. He is so handy but doesn’t have any nice tools. His drill doesn’t hold a charge so it’s hard to finish a project. I would love for him to have some nice tools to help him complete his “honey-to-do list,” but we just can’t afford it! Hope I win so he can have a present for Christmas.

  103. My husband would love this set!

  104. Ooh! Ooh! I would love this for myself…give me tools over jewels. :o) I love to work with wood and furniture. Thank you for the giveaway!

  105. Whoa, that box looks just like the start of next year’s Halloween costume! What a cool giveaway!!! Why do I need one? Dear hubby had to sell all his tools when we sold our home & moved into our camper full-time. As we traveled the country, every tool we purchased (including sewing tools & gadgets) had to have at least a couple uses or purposes, because our space was so limited & precious. Now that we’re back in a house again, hubby’s been re-building his tool collection, slowly but surely. We often find ourselves next door, borrowing from our neighbor, so having one of his own would be really nice. Maybe WE could be the neighbor with cool tools for once!

  106. My hubby and I have just started doing our own DIY projects, so this would be perfect!

  107. I would love to win this for my son, he just bought his first home and could really use tools:) thanks for the chance! Merry Christmas to you and yours:):):)

  108. Like your familyy, mine lives in an older home. Ours, built in 1917, is always in need of repair or remodel. My husband, bless him, is very handy and does it all himself. I would love this for my husband because he is such a wonderful husband and father, and so selfless that he will never buy things for himself or let me use our money to buy them for him. He deserves so much more than what he gets.

  109. My husband would love this. He always has a project (or 2 or 3)going and sometimes the battery dies.

  110. I am having to learn how to work on things myself, and this would help me with the long list of to-do’s.

  111. WOWIE!!!! YES I would looooove to win this for my Sweeeet Hubby! Our Family Room has been like a gutted Shed for almost 6 years…& we won’t talk about the Kitchen! LOL We are slooooowly gettin things fixed up…is old Farmhouse. (need I say more? lol) Anyhow…KNOW this would be such a Blessing (& Surprise!) for him.

    Thanks so much for chance to win your drawing! 🙂

  112. I could have my very own tools! Thanks.

  113. No husband, I’d like this for myself. Perfectly portable and compact, I’d use it around the house–a 1918 bungalow, and to replace hardware on furniture I’ve redone and also in assembling new furniture. Great giveaway. Happy Holidays!

  114. I know I won’t win but this would be so perfect for us. We are starting to build our own house this spring. I could really use these tools.

  115. My husband loves to do woodworking, and is doing more work away from the house (for friends, family, at church). These lighter tools would make toting tools for the work much easier (plus, I don’t know what to get him for Christmas!). Thanks for the chance at this wonderful giveaway!

  116. The l-ion battery would make this so much better (lighter and longer lasting) than what my husband currently uses!

  117. What a great giveaway! We are a big DIY family as well, my husband would love this. Thanks for the chance. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  118. I would give it to my husband.

  119. I would love to surprise my husband with this. He is attempting to build a picnic table for a surprise gift for Christmas – this would be so helpful!!

  120. my husband is really, really wanting a drill with a lithium ion battery. money is so tight there’s no way for me to make it happen right now… unless… Please Santa? Please?

    This would be so amazingly awesome to get up christmas morning and know that he had such a wonderful surprise waiting for him. He’s working 2 jobs plus computer repair on the side since I was disabled. It would be nice to give back to him for the way he takes care of us.

  121. wow this would be awesome, my other half keeps telling me how he needs a new cordless drill. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  122. My husband is a BIG do-it-yourself fix-it guy. I never have to call service people, he can fix anything, and he would LOVE this set. And he deserves it, too. Best hubby in the world for the past 36 happy years we’ve been married. Thanks for the chance!

  123. Oh my. Just got this post in my email and RUSHED over here to enter. I would DIE to have this as a gift for my son this year. I am STILL unemployed and would love to be able to be the lucky winner to present this to him as a gift. He’d die to have it! (He’s 22 now and “into” home improvement stuff.) Plus he would laugh when I’d say it was from blogging! 😉 I shouldn’t say this, but I am going to PRAY to be the lucky winner! LOL! Thanks to you and Home Depot for this giveaway!

  124. I’d love to win becuase my husband is always eye balling the new tools as wewanderby them at the hardware store!

  125. I was putting my desk back together today after I refinished it, and I asked my husband for the drill. Of course, the battery was dead! This would be so perfect. [email protected]

  126. My husband is so kind to let me rifle through his tools and use what I need so a gift for him would be perfect. I am not sure what he’d pick or what he needs, but I’m sure an endless charge in a battery would be nice!

  127. You nailed it with the comment about how frustrating it is to have your drill run out of juice while you’re working on a project. It’s not like I’m a Super Handyman, but I’ve done my share of drilling, and hearing it slowly grind down while I’m trying to get a screw into a piece of wood is incredibly annoying. This tool sounds great. And if I won, I could give it to my sweetheart, knowing he’ll share later. 🙂 Thank you.

  128. Nothing like having your drill battery die in the middle of a project. Mine won’t charge any more so I would love to win. Many thanks for the chance to win.

  129. Such an entertaining post, Lindsay! That lil’ guy & his daddy make such cute models.
    Thank you for a chance to win this giveaway. Many of my projects have had to be put on hold for battery-charging time — frustrating! (Sometimes I’ve even impatiently told the wonderhubs to just go get the old-fashioned corded drill & drill my darn board!) 😉

  130. You Rick POWER TOOLS!! Cook giveaway!

  131. My bro-in-law is getting married, next year, and it would be great to be able to get him started on his own tool collection, before he has a home to maintain!
    ([email protected])

  132. My husband & I aren’t going to be able to buy gifts for eachother this year, so I’d really love to win this for him! He is one hardworking Daddy & he loves/needs some new tools! Thank you! bethfouche at hotmail dot com

  133. I love power tools ALMOST as much as I love sewing. My hubby and I are always working on something around the house – a new set like this would sure get a few things done on the honey do list.

  134. I was not able to get my husband anything for his birthday last week and don’t see myself having too much money to get him something nice for Christmas either. He would love this tool set because we have some remodel stuff we’ll be doing next year, or should I say fixing things that desperately need to be done; not really a remodel of an entire room. But, whatever you want to call it these tools would make the jobs much easier. Ryobi is a great brand with very durable and dependable tools, that much I do know.

    Thank you so much Lindsay for such a great giveaway.

  135. I was just drooling over a set like this in an ad. We are looking at buying an older home and they would come in handy there too! Thanks! beansmom07 gmail com

  136. You can never go wrong with a good set of power tools! Especially ones that hold their charge for longer periods of time.

  137. Our drill is on it’s last legs. This would be great!
    Evin5 at aol dot com

  138. All my kids are young adults now ( I have 6!), I’m a crafter, and my husband calls himself the weekend warrior (as far as home projects goes!). We never have enough tools to go around. I would love to win a set of power tools, waiting for your turn is a waste of creativity!

  139. This would be a great gift for my husband. Our house is an older house and needs some help so this would be a perfect gift for him.

  140. My husband recently retired and of course it hasn’t been what he expected. He’s very depressed. Maybe this would give him a hobby and get him moving again. He used to love doing diy projects.

  141. I would be absolutely thrilled to win this for my husband. He bought me my first sewing machine for my birthday this year and it was a big splurge for us. I really have no way to re-pay him. He always puts me and the kids first and this Ryobi set would be the biggest surprise! He has all of these plans to make a doll house and bookshelves for our little girl, but no power tools.

  142. Oh my! My husbands tools are starting to wear out just as our house is doing the same thing! I would love to give him these tools since I can’t afford to buy them!

  143. ….”does this sound like something my loved one would like to have? she asks….
    do quilters have needle callouses!?!?!
    for sure!!! 🙂
    my hubby has a birthday coming up in two weeks and he is the guy that is so hard to shop for! we are always doing some project around the house (i mean HE), and we are about to build a little cabin in the woods and need some tools of the trade! (there i go again with the “we”).
    he would LOVE to have a Ryobi- what a great brand too- thanks for the chance to win something for our men-
    wait till the winner finds out it came from a crafty cottage mom!
    🙂 too cool

  144. My husband loves tools and is always helping me with projects around the house. I love to use them too on occasion.

  145. My son and his family just bought their first home. I would love for him to have the right tools to do the projects. What a great gift!
    [email protected]

  146. This comment has been removed by the author.

  147. I would love to win this! We have been to Home Depot like 8 times in the last two weeks. We are currently installing a back-splash tile in the kitchen and we’ve been searching for new flooring for the kitchen/baths/entryway and this would all come in VERY handy for us. I will also be getting a vintage desk, chair and vinyl cabinet to redo after Christmas. Thanks for the opportunity to win this! Green is my favorite color too! 🙂
    [email protected]

  148. I am the handy-girl in the house, I would love to win this set: my tools all need extension cord: not very easy for everything!
    I have quite a few projects to complete: furniture refinishing, curtains rods to install…..

  149. My husband and kids would love this!

  150. My husband would love to have this and so would our sons who are always borrowing his tools!!

  151. Oh gosh what a wonderful giveaway my husband would love this and so would I.Think of the building and fixing you could do!

  152. I would love to win the RYOBI 18V One+ Lithium-Ion Super Combo Set for my husband! He is a handy guy around the house and could us some new tools. I think I might even have fun using it too!

  153. My husband would FLIP over this! It would totally make our Christmas!

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  154. My husband and I are having a new home built. This would really come in handy!!

  155. My husband and college daughter love building things and fixing – this would make their holiday complete! they have a chicken coup they want to build for me by the springtime! thank you for the chance to win!

  156. Thank you for a great give-away. I would LOVE to win one of these for me!
    Take care.


  157. We live in a old house with a list of things to get done before we have kids, but that time is dwindling down. Perhaps this tool set will give him some added initiative.
    [email protected]

  158. What a great giveaway!
    I have a new son-in-law who is sweet enough to do things around the house for his klutzy mother-in-law. What a great way to surprise him on Christmas day! Thanks!

  159. we are trying to remodel. new tools might motivate my husband! 😉

  160. I’m a DIYer around my house and want to tackle some bigger projects but the hand tools don’t cut it – I need more power!

  161. What adorable pictures. I would give it to my husband for
    Christmas. thanks

  162. I would love to win this to give to my husband. He is a DYI type of person and this set looks awesome – no cord.

    Love the little one in the box!!!!

    Thank you

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  163. We are buying a home right after the first of the year, and it will be a fixer upper so this would be most handy as agoft to ourselves!

  164. Well I have to be honest here. While that set would make a wonderful gift for my husband, it would be even more perfect for ME! LOL There are so many things aroubd here that desperately need his attention but he has no time to address them. So I try my best to do the necessary repairs myself. That task would be made so much easier with a real set of working tools. I have no power tools of my own so I improvise. Like ibstead of using a saw to cut a piece of wood the length I need it I have to use my once very sharp bread knife. Yes thats what I said. Its horrible I know but gotta do what u gotta do rt? Lol. FYI: No it is not used for bread anymore!!! PS I COMPLETELY LOVE UR BLOG. PLZ KEEP POSTING THOSE WONDERFUL tutorials. Merry Christmas to u all!!

  165. I’d like to win it so that I could finally finish up some much need DIY projects!

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  167. Holly Pichardo says

    This would be for my son who is a college student studying to become an engineer. He needs tools and well, school is expensive 😉 I am just so proud of him paying his own way on a very small income. Hope he wins! Thanks, and Merry Christmas 🙂