Out to Sea ~ Nautical Girls Dress

I am a big fan of Sarah from Sarah Jane Studios and I knew her second fabric line ‘Out to Sea‘ was going to be a must-have.  I think you all know how I felt about her first line, ‘Children at Play‘ ~ L.O.V.E.  I ordered ‘Out to Sea‘ back in May at Quilt Market in Kansas City.  Let me tell you, it was really hard to decide which prints to order, but I’m so happy with the ones we picked!

These are the prints that arrived this past Tuesday.  There is a boy, pirate one too, but we’ll save that for another time.  I have some ideas for what I want to do with the map, but I am in love with these colors. First of all, the navy blue and pink is a timeless combination and secondly, it was so lovely to see nautical prints in more girly colors.

I have a million and one other things that need to be sewn, but I could not control myself.  I had to cut into this fabric right away.  You know that feeling, right?  So, here’s what I created…….

This is my Charlotte Apron Dress Pattern made with a few additional pieces.  My husband didn’t even know this was the same pattern, but really, the adjustments were very simple.

I added two scallop pieces to the top of the bodice.  I simply traced a curve that I thought looked good and placed them in from each side 1.5″ (before the bodice was sewn together).  I basted them in place and then constructed the bodice according to my pattern instructions.  I also topstitched all the way around the top of the bodice which helped the scallops stay down.

Where are the buttons, you might ask?  They are underneath the scallop pieces.  You just flip them up, make your buttonholes and flip the scallops back down.  I used smaller, flat buttons so they don’t even show.

For the sash, I cut two pieces on the fold (5″ x 20″) and sewed them together at the short seam to make one long strip.  I folded the long strip in half with the right sides together, cut both ends at a diagonal and sewed the raw edge together using a 1/2″ seam allowance.  I left a 4″ opening in the sash for turning right side out.  Once I turned it right side out, I pressed the sash and slip-stitched the opening closed.  You could also topstitch the entire sash to close the opening.  I sewed the sash to the dress at the side seams and made it off-set so it would tie off to one side.  You could definitely have the sash tie in the back as well.

As far as the skirt goes, I shortened it by two inches to account for the gathered eyelet trim at the bottom.  I decided to use a rolled hem on the bottom edge of the fabric for the skirt (just because I’m really enjoying this stitch on my new serger and I knew it wouldn’t show) and then layered the trim on top.

I purchased this nautical trim wholesale at the same time we ordered this fabric line.  I knew it was going to be perfect and I think it really works well.  The rickrack is layered underneath the woven ribbon and brings the pink down into the bottom of the dress.

I am so happy with how this dress turned out.  I was going to have Matilda model this one, but the mosquitos have been out in full-force, so the mannequin will have to do for now.  If I get some pictures of the little miss wearing this dress, I will definitely share the pictures.

A big thank you to Sarah Jane for creating such wonderfully inspiring fabric.  Without her beautiful illustrations and her ability to capture such whimsy and charm through her art, this dress never would have been created.  Thanks, Sarah!

You can purchase ‘Out to Sea‘ by Sarah Jane Studios for Michael Miller Fabrics at many of the sponsors listed in the right sidebar of the blog.  I believe the first shipment has arrived in most shops.

You can also purchase the Charlotte Apron Dress Pattern HERE.

Lastly, I am considering offering these fabrics and trims as a kit in my Etsy shop.  Is that something of interest to you all?  I’ve gone back and forth with whether or not people would like me selecting the fabrics and trims for you or not.  It’s just an idea…..but I’d love to know what you think!

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  1. Lindsay,
    Because of your post at the quilt show I am now a huge fan of Sarah Jane also–so thank you!!! Her fabrics tell a story. The dress is AMAZING! Your attention to detail and ideas for enhancing a piece are beyond talented!! I do not sew dresses/clothes but have used her fabrics in my shop as Sensory Ribbon Blankets. I would have to say customers would LOVE your guidance on preselected packages! Why not? You are a master!

  2. I think your idea of a kit is a great idea! It is sometimes hard to find the trims that go with an outfit, and all I have is a Hobby Lobby where I have to buy an entire roll of ribbon or rickrack. The kit would include just the amount one needs to make one outfit, and that would be AWESOME!!!!

  3. I LOVE the selection of trims you put on the hemline! Just fabulous!

  4. Love this dress:) You have such a skill for coordinating fabrics, trims, etc. !!!! I would love to be able to purchase “kits” !!!!:)

  5. Darling assembly of those fabulous fabrics into a sweet, sweet dress!

  6. Very cute, love that trim on the bottom

  7. I would LOVE to purchase a pre-selected kit 🙂 Excellent idea!

  8. I love your remix!! Darling!

  9. Lyndsay ~ You did a fabulous job on this dress. It’s adorable.

  10. What a beautiful dress! It makes me want to get my sewing machine out RIGHT NOW and make something for my little girl who needs a new Sunday dress!

  11. I have totally been swooning over this line. And the dress is just precious! Oh, and I think an Out To Sea Kit would be a great idea.

  12. Love that pink anchor print! and the trim is perfect.

  13. adorable… love the eyelet!

  14. This is just too cute! Love it!

  15. I’m swooning over this dress! And the fabric! I’ve been calling my local quilt shop every day to see if its come in yet.

    I’d love to see the trim in your Etsy shop! I’d buy some!

  16. nice choice on the fabrics!

  17. Love that pink anchor print! And the trim is perfect. Good job for making this dress looks so beautiful.

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  19. That’s actually a nice pick! I think the fabric combination is very appropriate for a little girl. However, I think the map-inspired fabric design wouldn’t look that good. I like your collar detail on the dress, though! On what occasion had she worn it?

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  22. Mildred Torres says

    How can I order a dress like this? I would like to order one of these for my daughter.

    • Hi Mildred,

      Thanks for commenting! Unfortunately, I don’t sell ready made clothing……..I just show and inspire you to create it yourself. Thanks for thinking of me. Have a great day, Lindsay

  23. Karen Coleman says

    I would love to purchase a kit of this fabric. I already have the pattern.