From Grandma with Love………Christmas Janey Jumpers

So my mom, Grandma Jane, has done it again!  To be totally honest, I don’t think I have ever received something my mom has made and not been totally thrilled.  For one, I put a huge value on handmade items and two, she and I have very similar taste.

I was really excited when my mom said that she wanted to make the girls Christmas dresses.  Usually I like to do the kids special occasion outfits, but with having three little ones now, I was more than happy to have someone lighten the load.  Mom said that she wanted to make the dresses from my Janey Jumper sewing pattern ~ how fun is that?

This is View B from the Janey Jumper pattern.  Now I did give the instructions in the pattern in regards to the center panel, ruffles, ect., but mom picked out the fabric and trims totally on her own.  She used Kate Spain’s “Flurry” for all the Christmas outfits. 

Matilda’s dress is the red one and Savannah’s dress is the green one.  I love the red ribbon trim with little white stitching.  I think it’s really fun to have my kids coordinate with one another, but not totally match.

When I opened the package from my mom I was excited to see the onesies for Caspian, which were a total surprise.  Mom included a striped zip-up sweater for the little man as well (it just didn’t make it into the picture).  She said the Christmas tree onesie was a last minute addition, but I really like it.  Plus the green and red tie onesies can be worn after Christmas as well.

I can’t wait to get all the kids dressed up in their Christmas best.  Savannah has a family holiday party at her preschool this week, so I think I’m going to dress all the kids up for the festivities.  I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season as much as we are ~ I just love Christmas!

To view more of the beautiful handmade pieces that have been sent to us from my mom, Grandma Jane, click HERE.

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  1. Gorgeous, as always! Grandma Jane is awesome!!! Can’t wait to see pics of the kids in their outfits.

  2. Oh those are fab, go Grandma! I particularly like the fabric used for the buttons piece on the dresses and the tree :o)

  3. Can Grandma Jane adopt me? Those are just so cute and beautiful.

  4. How precious! I need a Grandma Jane 🙂 How lucky you are to have such a wonderful and talented mom! Y’all have a great start to a very merry Christmas!

  5. Wow! Your Mom did a wonderful job on the outfits. Super cute!

  6. Those dresses are totally adorable!!

  7. Sara Ferrill says

    Hi! Love this pattern! I bought it to do my first dress. Woohoo! But I have a question about the very first instruction for style a, the scallops. Is there an email address I can send you my question? Thank you so much!