Guest Post on "No Big Dill" – Dick and Jane Inspired Dress

Today I’m guest blogging over on “No Big Dill” for Katy’s “Once Upon a Thread” blog series.  This creative blog series is geared towards coming up with a look based on your favorite children’s storybooks and I’ve come up with a “Dick and Jane” inspired look.

This dress was created from the $1.49 sheet that I found last week on my thrift store hunting adventure – it doesn’t really look like a sheet anymore, does it?  I’m sharing a tutorial for the embellished bodice on this dress.  So head on over to “No Big Dill” and say hello!

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  1. Just saw this over at Bo Big Dill, love it! The details are fantastic!!! Jane would be proud 🙂

  2. STUNNING..I want one for me… and how thrifty- wow

  3. In my shop ,all the dresses and outfits are made from sheets,pillowcases,vintage linens,any fabric I can reuse . Love your dress and all your work,we all need to reuse things…gloria

  4. No! It definatley does NOT look like a sheet anymore. The dress is so beautiful!!! I love all the details.

  5. Love it!! This is my favorite dress that you have made so far! 🙂

  6. How CUTE!!!!! I love this idea. 🙂 I’ll be hittin’ No Big Dill next!


  7. lindsay, that is so adorable. Love it!

  8. It’s beautiful!! You have such an eye for turning something old into something new and beautiful!!

  9. you are just so indredible talented

  10. Beautiful! We had those sheets growing up. 🙂

  11. It’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing how to do trim, my grandma never taught me how & I have always been too nervous to try.

  12. I came over from “No Big Dill”. Your “Jane dress” is absolutely gorgeous! I love all the details. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Totally awesome dress ! Thanks for posting 🙂

  14. That’s amazing! I can’t believe it was sheet!! Wow!!

  15. WOW Lindsay! You did an awesome job on this dress! LOVE IT! I bet it’s super soft and comfy to wear since it came from a sheet.

  16. Love it…so beautiful!

  17. Brilliant, can’t believe it was a sheet

  18. That dress is precious! Thanks for sharing!!!

  19. Girl!!! You amaze me! LOL That is absolutely beautiful! I love that we both share a love for vintage linens! I just found some cute 25 cent pillowcases at an estate sale last week & I can’t wait to get something made with them! I love all of the sweet embellishments you put on the bodice! It is so pretty! I’m heading over to look at the tutorial now! Great job! 🙂

  20. Grandma Jane says

    I love this dress! Jane IS proud of the Cottage Mama!

  21. The details in your dress are impeccable! What a beautiful Easter dress!

  22. so sweet Lindsay, what a fun a springy dress!

  23. Wow that’s sooo cute! I would never guess it came from a sheet. Beautiful work!

  24. This dress blows me away! I just found your blog today – I can’t believe I missed seeing it for so long. I love going back through your old posts and tutorials. Your girls are beautiful and you are very talented. Looking forward to following your blog! Come visit me sometime too at


  25. It would be worth it to be a little girl again, just to wear the dress. i love this style. Just wish that they would make things like this for adults.


  26. That was really cute, my baby girl would be glad to have that as her sunday dress