The Cottage Mama Photo Shoot

About a week ago, my lovely photographer friend, Megan, took some gorgeous pictures of her daughter Gracyn, and my daughter Savannah wearing some of the most recent “The Cottage Mama” creations.

Megan is the person that really caused me to jump into the world of blogging.  I will never forget our mom’s night out conversation where she said, “you should write a blog…….I’d read it”.  And I thought, really?  It got me thinking, if she’d read it, maybe others would too……..and so here I am blogging away.  Thanks Megan!

So for the photo shoot, we had planned to do several outfits, but once we reached our location, the mosquitoes were so horrible that we were afraid to change the girls clothes.  Luckily the bugs looked a lot worse than they were and we escaped with just a few bites.  All in the name of fashion, I guess. 

So, I just wanted to share some of Megan’s ( gorgeous pictures with you……

This is my daughter, Savannah Rose, wearing the Fall Mod Jumper in size 3T.  I love this little dress.  I think it will look fabulous layered with a long-sleeved brown tee and tights for fall.  Maybe a little cardigan if it’s super-chilly.  There are fabric covered buttons up the entire back and vintage trim finishes off the little pocket in front.

This is a flower hair clip that I whipped up before the photo shoot.  I wanted her to have a statement piece in her hair and I definitely think this is it.  I haven’t listed these in the shop yet as I’m not sure if it’s too big or not for everyday wear, but for the photo shoot, I think it looks great!

Here’s my friend Megan’s daughter, Gracyn – isn’t she a beauty?  Gracyn is wearing the Enchanted Bird Knot Dress and Ruffle Pant Set in size 4T.  Megan loves purple, so this was the perfect little outfit for Gracyn to model.

I’ve been dabbling with some more accessories for my girls line and this is one of my latest – The Cottage Kitty.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the little girl in my logo is playing with a kitty so this is perfect.  This is the only plush toy I plan on doing and the kitties are based off of a vintage 1950’s sewing pattern.  Each kitty is made to match a The Cottage Mama outfit.

And for the Mama……a matching scarf to tie around a bag or purse.  I have to admit that I love “Mommy and Me” things, but I know they can be pretty dorky.  So this was something I came up with that I think is the perfect touch, but isn’t over the top.  The Mama Scarf can be made to match any The Cottage Mama outfit.  Oh, it is also long enough to tie around your head.  Should be listed in the shop soon!

And finally, the two cottage girls heading home.  It’s so much fun seeing Savannah being more and more drawn to her little girlfriends.  I find girlfriends to be incredibly important in ones life, so my hope is that Savannah will find some truly special ones.  And so far, I’d say she’s done pretty well!

Thanks so much Megan for taking these gorgeous pictures and lending your adorable daughter to model for this shoot.  Can’t wait to do it again!

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  1. LOVE the dresses and the accessories. Those pictures and little girls are just beautiful!

  2. These colours just scream autumn goodness. I love everything about the dresses and the models. The accessories are perfect, big flower and scarf.

  3. These pictures are gorgeous! The dresses are amazing! 🙂

  4. Gorgeous dresses and girls! The photos are so indian summer–love them.