The Cottage Mama Studio

I find seeing others creative spaces to be so inspiring, don’t you?  It’s neat to take a peak into someone else’s world.  Not everyone is able to have a craft room or studio, but it doesn’t have to be much, even an armoire or closet that is all your own can do the trick.

Lately, I have been very busy with my handmade children’s clothing business, The Cottage Mama.  I am preparing to launch my fall line as well as a few new items that I think will round-out The Cottage Mama.  I feel so blessed to have my own little corner of the cottage and I thought you might like to take a peak into where The Cottage Mama creates.

So here it is – The Cottage Mama Studio.  This is a small room with french doors off of our dining room.  This is what it looks like as you enter from the dining room.

Here is another angle looking into the studio.  I don’t love the chair I currently have, but it works for now.  I’m dying to get something more vintage looking.  I do, however, love that this chair has wheels – it makes it very easy to move from the computer to my sewing machines.

These are two very long tables that come together in the corner.  I love them.  They are from IKEA and were very affordable.  They are a great height for me and the white looks very clean in this room.

What sewing machine and serger do I use?  Well, here they are.  They are nothing fancy, but I love them.  Both are Brother machines which I think are incredibly user-friendly.  My sewing machine is a Brother CS 6000i and my serger is a Brother 1034D.  I would highly recommend both of these machines!

I have both of my pedals labeled just so there is no confusion between my serger and sewing machine.  I also just love my label maker and use any opportunity to label things.

This large galvanized, metal container is filled with trim, piping and bias tape.  Some new and some vintage.  I ended up at a fabric store that was trying to get rid of old stock and these were all 5 for $1.00 – it was a super-deal and a very exciting day!!

I keep my cutting mat (the yellow piece on the table) out at all times since I am usually cutting patterns daily.  This mat fits perfectly and is 36″ wide, which is perfect for an entire yard of fabric.

In the corner I have a bunch of my trim (i.e. piping and rick rack) that I use frequently in this fun tiered metal basket.  I got this in the kitchen section of a local home store and thought it would be perfect for the studio.

Underneath the two long tables I have these great metal baskets that slide in and out.  I got these at IKEA too, but they were found in the closet department.  They had something very similar in the office department, but the ones in the closet department were much more inexpensive.

In the bottom two drawers I keep scraps from fabrics that I am currently working with.  That way if I need to grab some fabric for a button or a fabric yo-yo, I have it right there next to my machines.

In the drawer, second from the top, I keep all of my vintage linens that are waiting to be turned into something.  I have many pillowcases that will someday become dresses and lots of hankies.  I find most of these linens at antique stores and my Grandma Ethel has sent me some wonderful linens as well.

I keep the things that I reach for most often in the top drawer.  My sewing scissors, a variety of thread, my clothing labels.  I keep the matching thread to my clothing labels in the same bag.  That way when I need to sew on a label, the thread is right there.

Also, I made myself a little hand-sewing kit and covered button kit.  The hand-sewing kit is great because I can just grab it and take it in the other room to easily sew on buttons or whatever else.  It contains thread, a little pair of scissors, and hand-sewing needles.  The covered button kit has all of the pieces I need to make fabric covered buttons in all sizes.  Both of these little kits definitely make life easier.

The other sliding bins are filled mainly with shipping and packaging supplies.  I have large spools of grosgrain ribbon, teal tissue paper, clear plastic bags, twine, ect…….all for making sure The Cottage Mama packages arrive in style.

This is my cricut expression.  I keep this stored underneath the tables and pull it out whenever necessary.  I don’t use it too often, so I didn’t feel it needed to be on top.  I need to do more with this great machine, so I think I will be coming up with a few projects for this one soon!

On the other end of the long table is my computer.  I use a Mac and I love it!!  I use to be a PC user, but my husband is in advertising and got us a Mac when we needed a new computer.  I really think, “once you go mac, you never go back”.

On the right side of the computer are most of my supplies.  My father-in-law built me these shelves and I think they are so wonderful (thanks Jeff)!  I love being able to see what I have to work with and it is inspiring on a daily basis.  It definitely helps me in developing some of my designs and just looks so pretty.

All of my fabric is arranged by color.  I thought about arranging it by collection or designer, but I think this is much more pleasing to the eye.  It also helps me to see coordinates from other lines that may work together.

Most of my cotton fabric is stored on these fabric organizers.  I have seen and heard of some DIY versions of these, but personally these are my favorite.  They have tabs that secure the fabric, they are very light-weight and they keep the fabric from becoming wrinkled.  Each one can hold up to six yards of fabric.  You would not have believed how much room my fabric was taking up before I discovered these organizers – it was a mess!

There are two different sized organizers – large and small.  The small is perfect for storing different trim and smaller pieces of fabric.

So, what’s in my stash? Lots of things…….mostly girly stuff (after all, I’m a Mama to two little ladies).  I’ve got Art Gallery “Sugar”, Art Gallery “Girly Girl”, Heather Bailey “Nicey Jane” and “Freshcut”, Anna Maria Horner “Garden Party”, Amy Butler “Love” and “Midwest Modern”, Sandi Henderson “Meadowsweet”, Riley Blake “Wheels” and “All-Star”, a little Alexander Henry, Tina Givens, Jennifer Paganelli, David Walker, Tanya Whelan, some Japanese imports and a bunch more!

I’ve got about 25 yards of Art Gallery’s new “Paradise” (August release) and 40+ yards of Amy Butler’s new “Soul Blossom” (September release) that should be arriving sometime in the next month – wooohooo – can’t wait!

In the red boxes, I keep my interfacing, fusible fleece and oil cloth.  I use interfacing quite a bit so this is handy to have close by.

On the shelf above the fabric I store my buttons.  I use fabric covered buttons on almost every garment.  So here I have them arranged by size.  I just use little tags from the office supply store to label each jar.  Also the lids are the same ones I made in this tutorial.

On the other end of the shelf, I have some other supplies.  Glue, size labels, blank note cards, and lots of trim.  If you are ever at your local fabric store, just ask them if they have any empty trim holders – they are always happy to give me the empty ones.

I also keep my tags ready to hang on my garments.  It’s so much easier to thread a ton of them all at one time, that way I can just grab one when I need it.

Way at the top of my shelves I keep some blue vintage jars that I just love.  These jars were given to me by my Grandma Peggy.  The wire baskets below are meant for produce storage, but I thought they worked just great to store scraps that I use less frequently.  I try to keep more bold scraps (reds, yellows, orange, bright green and blue) in one and pastels in the other.

This little room already had a deep closet, so I use these shelves to store things I don’t need all of the time.  I have a whole box of knit fabric, some of my chenille and minky.  Also things like some of my serger thread, craft supplies, scrapbooking supplies, iron, hole punch, kids art supplies, spray adhesive…….and the list goes on and on……. are all stored in these shelves.

Above these shelves I have three embroidery hoops with fabric pieces from designer Heather Bailey’s “Nicey Jane” fabric line.

On the wall next to the deep shelves is my thread rack, ironing board, and white boards (I use these for taking pictures).  Hopefully my father-in-law is going to help me install an ironing board that folds down from the wall.  I think this will save a lot of space and be more practical than this giant one.

Here is some of my thread that is all arranged by color.  To be honest, I haven’t really found one thread to be better than another – I use both Gutermann and Coats and Clarks.

I store some of my spools of ribbon on a pants hanger that is hung on the door knob of one of the french doors.

And one of the best things that was installed in my studio was this baby gate.  It enables me to keep all of my sewing supplies out (machines, rotary cutters, scissors, pins) and use my hot iron without having to worry about my girls getting hurt.

I hope you enjoyed this little peak inside my studio.  I don’t have a huge space, but it’s a space I can call my own, and for that I feel very blessed.

Here are a few of the new pieces that have been completed for fall:

Fall Knot Dress

Modern Little Lady Coat
Swing Dress
Pretty Bird Dress and Ruffle Pants
Boy Knee Patch Pants
Henrietta Apron Skirt
Cottage Mama’s Note:  There will be many more fall items to come!  A few of these items have been listed in my etsy shop, The Cottage Mama. If you have any questions about anything you’ve seen in my studio, please feel free to leave me a comment or email ([email protected]).  Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. What a great space! My mom and I both follow your blog and we’re currently suffering from some serious craft room envy now!

  2. WOW! I love the sneak peak into your creative space! I think it’s fantastic! We just moved and I now have a sewing room all to myself, and I’m saving this post for ideas for when it gets bumped up on the home projects list!


  3. Oh my I am SOOOO jealous of your space. I have a little corner in our bedroom that houses my computer, printer, Cricut, soon my sewing machine, and all my supplies. It is horribly disorganized and pretty much a bomb. Thanks for all the great ideas on how to get organized and label stuff.

    Your work is just amazing! I don’t know which I love more, the knot dress or the little lady coat…to die for! Now I just need a girl and I will be spending WAY too much in your store 🙂

  4. My daughter and I just drooled over your work space. Yuk! Well, it’s only a figure of speech. How I would love to have a space like that. Having to use the dining room table doesn’t make you want to do anything.
    Your designs are darling!

  5. What a great space to be creative in. I love that you have windows to get natural light and to not lose track of how long you have been sewing. Believe it or not, that has happened to me!

  6. What a wonderful space to create in. I like the way u organized everything and i loved looking at the colors and textures of ur space. also love the ikea boxes – i have the same ones 🙂

  7. I have waited to see your space since you mentioned that you were redoing it. Fansewingtastic!! I love the pants hanger idea for the ribbon..genius. I have my back winterized porch for my sewing room and a finished room in my basement for my fabrics..but..I need an organizer lol..One question…is your sewing room always this neat and tidy..if you say yes I going to go to a 12 step to learn to reform. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. I am dying at how gorgeous it is! But I knew it would be since the other glimpses into your world have been beyond fantastic. I am dreaming of having a space like yours one day!

    I have a totally unrelated question for you. I recently bought some really beautiful printed flannel but now I don’t know what to do with it. any ideas?

  9. I will not covet, I will not covet… Absolutely amazing! I love that you have so much natural light! My craft room is in the basement and has two tiny windows… I’m happy to have the space though!

  10. What an awesome space! I especially love the fabric organizers!

  11. What a fabulous space to create in…you are so very lucky! I love those fabric organizers, think I will have to purchase some of those. And I have been trying to figure out how to store all of my spools of ribbon… I love your idea (hope you don’t mind if I steal it!!) Thanks for sharing your lovely space with us.

  12. wow, what a great tour! The fabrics look great, and your finished pieces are just beautiful!

  13. Oh MY GOSH! LINDSAY!!!! This was just the best post! I love seeing the space. I promise you I’m going to be opening this post many times again just to look at the prettiness. Such great organization! I currently spread my stuff all over the kitchen island – I have to clean it up every night and pull it out from the closet I throw it in again just to work on something. LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric organizers. I don’t know, though, I might really not get anything done if I had all my pretty fabric right in front of me to look at all the time. And I love that you labeled your machine pedals – I love my labeler, too, we are so two peas in a pod. Thanks for the tour!!

  14. I am insanely envious of your creative space. Your post is so inspiring. Best of luck with the growth of your business.

  15. What a lucky girl you are!! I love everything about this – the functionality, the style. Thank you so much for sharing!

  16. Saw your link at Skip To My Lou. Your sewing/creative space is so beautiful and I’m sure calming. It was a pleasure to visit.

  17. I’m soooo jealous of your creative space. I’d love to have a whole room to craft in… instead of just the dining table.
    The fabric is beautiful… what a awesome supply you have.

  18. Oh I love your sewing room/studio! It so lovely. I wish I could organize like you have 🙂

    Found you on Sew Can Do Craftastic Monday

  19. Thanks for sharing your beautiful space.

  20. Your craft studio is to-die-for and those dresses are just gorgeous! Total eye-candy. Thanks for sharing!

  21. wow! What a great room! Your view with the windows is amazing and it must be so nice to work in there! All your organization is so inspiring! Looks great!

  22. Man I’m wishing I had kids right now these closthes are so cute. I’m going to steal some of your organization ideas, whenever I get around to working on my office that is…


  23. Thank you for sharing your space. I needed the inspiration as I’m in the midst of setting up a craft room with my mother. I had never seen those fabric organizers before so I’m definitely going to check that out! I have a ton of fabric but it’s mostly garage sale and thrifted finds so they aren’t as beautiful as your stash 🙁 I suppose if I get to using it up it will give me an excuse to buy some new stuff!


  24. Amazing…love the eye candy fabric holders! Looks like you’re set up for world domination. :o)
    Found u from whip up Mondays…peace out.

  25. I love seeing how other people work! You have convinced me that a) I need a labeler-immediately, and b)that my hang tags are completely not up to snuff-yours are awesome! Where do you get yours done?

  26. Oh I LOVE your sewing/craft room! I hope to have something very similar in the not-too-distant future! And I love Brother machines too! I have the same sewing machine and a Brother embroidery machine. The serger is next on my list. Maybe Santa will bring it! HA!

    Now following.

  27. Thank you for the tour! I currently revamping my craft cabinet and office space, and this has given me some great ideas to adapt. You certainly have a knack for organization!

  28. oh my god. this room is amazing. you’ve done such a fabulous job!!! I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!

  29. Your room is amazing. I have a very large craft room but it’s nowhere near as nice. I have a vision for it but everytime I make a step towards it my space gets invaded. I’m so jealous of your great organization in your room. I think that’s what I crave most-organization.

  30. Can you say sewing room envy? It’s beautiful. Natural light. Organized. Beautiful fabrics.

    Can you tell I have only a kitchen table for cutting, sewing and eating? LOL

  31. Definitely envious! I want all that fabric!! Wow!! Amazing! Fabulous space!

  32. Wow, it is fabulous!! I’d have to have several of your pieces if I had a girl. :0)

  33. That is a very creative space you have going on. Love the big windows and the brick wall.

    I have that same basket shelf from IKEA too! They have some pretty great affordable pieces for a craft room.

    Those are very adorable dresses.

  34. Ooooo…it’s beautiful. Rooms like this make me dream for later… when my basement is finished and I have my own room for all my craft stuff. Gorgeous room and gorgeous clothes.

  35. I am blown away with how organized you are! I am in a constant state of TRYING to get organized, but have difficulty finding the time! I LOVE those fabric organizers and will be purchasing some for myself. Thanks for sharing your space!

  36. LOVE your studio 🙂 I love people who are so well organized. Organization is the key to a clutter free mind! Well, sometimes 😉
    I also love the mac! And just a heads up, I’ll be hosting an Apple Product Giveaway on Sept. 1st so hope you can drop by to enter!!

  37. YOU are amazing! I love that room, all those windows and pretty fabric. Beautiful. Please remember to link back to me. 🙂

  38. SO gorgeous!! That fabric just makes me giddy! I’m super impressed by your organization!

  39. I love it!! I’m going to have to repent for being envious of such a beautiful work space!! 🙂

    I can’t wait to see your beautiful line of clothes at The Strawberry Patch barn sale in October!!! 🙂

  40. Love the peek at your space! It’s gorgeous and oh so organized. Would you please come organize mine??! I may have a shot at it with your fabric organizer tip!! Thank you so much–I hadn’t seen these before and perhaps they are the solution!

  41. What an awesome space! So beautiful, functional and organized! Just discovered your blog today. I’m a new follower!

  42. You have a beautiful space! We’re so glad you joined us at Anything Related!

  43. That was amazing! I love all of your beautiful fabric. Your room is so pretty, great job. Thanks for sharing. Also you should stop by my blog and link up to my party. I would love for my readers to see this!

  44. Lindsay – I am so jealous! It’s like a little peice of heaven… and the clothes are gorgeous; fab colours! Thanks for the inspiration.

  45. Wow! What a great room! You could get really inspired in there! And your work in BEAUTIFUL!!
    I’d love for you to link up over on my other blog, It’s A Blog Party. I host a different linky everyday, Mondays are craft days and Friday are decorating days.
    Thanks for sharing!

  46. So nice! I am planning on converting my dining room into my sewing/craft room. I need to get with it soon. jackie

  47. Love your space. Get that Cricut out more often, you won’t regret it! Thanks for the inspiration.


  48. What a lovely craft room, nice long counters and lots of windows. It’s beautiful.

    Your dresses are adorable, too.


  49. Yay!! Linds, I am so glad you finally posted this!! I just love your space…so pretty!! Is it bad of me that my cricut is still in it’s box from my puking days…ah geez!!

  50. Dreamy!!! Love your space!
    Jennifer S.

  51. YOUR AMAZING CRAFT ROOM has been featured at THANKS JEN

  52. Found you on CraftOManiac. First off, your room is awesome! You’ve really given me some motivation to get mine straightened out(esp my fabric). Second, I LOVE your designs! Amazing!

    ~ The Speckled Dog (craft-business book giveaway on my blog until 9/2)

  53. I found you after doing the weekend Link up at Tatertots and Jello and Oh my gosh! I am so inspired by your organization and craftiness! I am getting ready to relocate to the east coast in a few weeks and you have given me lots of ideas for how to re-setup! Thanks so much!

  54. I don’t even know where to begin! But I do need to embrace “green” as my new color….since my envy is COVERED in it! I’m gonna just list all the things I might steal….that way you’ll know! 🙂

    The white tables (divine)
    The container of trim (I could die!)
    The basket tower (will probably be finding my home in the near future)
    The Mac…never go back, line (true)
    The Ball jars of fabric button blanks (I might have stolen those already…in my mind)
    Ribbon on a pants hanger (now that’s just showing off…GENIUS!)

    And OH isn’t that coat AMAZING? Wow!

    Whew! Not to mention the virtual material store.

    Okay. Sorry about the Mt. Gushmore. I’m done now. It’s late. And I’m hoping to dream of a craft room tonight.


  55. Hi Lindsay – Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. My craft room might be bigger but yours is much cuter! I love the brick and I think I could look at your fabric stash all day long. Everything is just beautiful and inspiring…in fact, I want to go and sew something right now! Are those Gingher scissors I see? I love my Ginghers – I wouldn’t dream of cutting fabric without them!


  56. Hi Lindsay! I found your site off of Today’s Creative Blog! I love your room! I am so jealous! I just signed up to be your 664th follower! Woo hoo! I hope you stop by my new blog. I just started it 2 months ago and would love new friends! Please come see me at

  57. oh wow! You are super organized! I love your space, especially all those windows in front. Hmmm. What a fun room. Thanks for sharing!
    – Dana

  58. What a lovely space. I wish I knew how to sew just so I can have one too.

  59. Cute space! I love my space too-great minds must think alike, because my sewing room incorporates many of the same things you have in yours 🙂 Happy sewing!

  60. oh WOW Lindsay, this is amazing. Both the space and the post. Thanks for the look inside!!!

  61. I love it! A woman after my own heart. I love organization, This is like my dream size and space! The brick is lovely, the tables and colors, and buttons, containers, etc… Amazing!

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  63. Oh my goodness! This is so heavenly! I can only dream of the day I have the space to make a room for my crafting.

  64. Okay, the bible says we are not to covet or lust & yet I am coveting your craft space & lusting after some of your work! You are truly blessed, as am I. I too have a wonderful husband and two children & love to sew & craft. I am just getting started, though, at trying to make it a full-time job, that will bring in income. I work now, as a full-time speech-language pathologist, but am ready to make crafting & sewing full-time. If you get a chance, please check out my very rudamentary blog. I would love to have any advice you could give or any tips/pointers. You will see I’m new to blogging & not very good at it. I have also recently opened an Etsy shop which I need to stock & will be working late nights, after I put the kids to bed, to do so. Thank you for the inspiration…

  65. Hey there! I just really wanted to say how much I love your sew studio! It is sew sweet!

    It is funny too…My little set up is basically the same as yours, only on a very small scale.

    I showed my children your blog pics of your studio and they recognized mine is set up the same.

    I think we think alike! Right down to the mason jars! Thank you for sharing your pictures of it with us all!

    Please check out my blog when you are able…I made something sew fun!

    They are called pattern weights. Have you ever used them or heard of them?

    I would love to hear from ya!

  66. I love your creative space. It is so wonderful. The windows and light is perfect. Hugs~ Kim

  67. I can’t believe how much you and I have in common! Same sewing machine,a love for blue vintage jars, a Gramdma Peggy! And I have DREAMED of a room exactly like this for my sewing room, soooo jealous!!!!

  68. Lindo seu estúdio… MARAVILHOSO! A idéia do protetor para as crianças foi ótima, tenho 2 filhos e um pequeno espaço e estou começando agora, aprendendo muito com você e suas ideias me encantam… Obrigada por sempre nos ensinar o que você sabe, uma vez quis muito um tutorial para vestido para minha Maria, e achei aqui com você. Ainda não fiz, estou organizando minhas coisas. Mas quando fizer te envio por email. Sou do Brasil e fiz um blog agora e te indico lá. Mariagirassol

  69. I have been browsing your site and am very impressed…I have been sewing for over 40 years and I even learned a few things!!! Great tips, beautiful outfits and really, REALLY good sewing!! You should be proud. 🙂
    I loved your sewing tips and those fabric organizers…wow! I just ordered a bunch of them. My sewing room is a mess and you have inspired me with some great ideas.

  70. I love your space! You said it is not big, but you made it big. great storage features. I woul like to have the fabric organizers, but not now, hopefully somewhere in the near future.
    I have a dust problem here in the country.

    Would you mind e-mailing me where you get your tags and clothes tags for on the clothes. i’m shopping around for my own.

    Thank you soooo much

  71. I’m SOOOOO jealous!!! I’m trying to convince my husband that I need a space too. Right now I’m taking up the kitchen table, not very convenient. I would also love to know where you get your tags from! Also, I’m getting ready to set up my own blog. I REALLY appreciate you getting back to me on Etsy. I would love to hear any other advice you may have for me.

  72. Do you create for adults?

  73. Where do you get your fabrics from? I am always on the hunt for new places to shop besides Joann Fabrics And Hancock Fabrics!


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  75. Your studio is perfect! I love your style and reflects so many things that I would like to achieve in my work area. The use of older items, sort of a shabby chic, vintage, feel-good types of items that you’ve placed in your area. You inspire me! Ironically, today I am off work and hope to do some organizing in my studio!

  76. You have an awesome space.I love the way you organized each and everything.


  77. You have a great space. But with views out the windows like you have how do you get anything done? Love the dress and top you had posted. Good luck with your new line.

  78. Your space is amazing! I wish my sewing/craft room looked as good. It is still a work in progress to say the least. Happy Holidays!

  79. To die for studio space. you must love being there.

    Your photographs are awesome. Tami In Denver

  80. I pored greedily over all your studio pics to get ideas for my new space. I love all the natural light your room gets!! I’m debating whether to park my sewing table facing a window or not…I’d love to work in the sunlight, but I fear I’d get distracted too much, watching the birds and squirrels. LOL!

  81. Love the organization and what you have manageed to fit into a small room. I lost my dedicated crafting room, and have had to move into my husbands home office, so I will be using these tips to fit everything into the closet! Thanks!

  82. Anonymous says

    I was really amaze to see your place of worked,how organize & neat your working area.Terrific,amazing is all i can say…Thanks for sharing your insights about everything that involves you and work,and family as well…god Bless!!!^.^

  83. love the baby gate most of all:) do you have a suggestion for what brand of covered buttons to use? i bought some from joanns after making your ‘perfect party dress’ last year, and the buttons kept popping off – very frustrating for me and my girls who were wearing them:( thanks for all you do and for your lovely creations!

  84. Love your blog Lindsay!
    I am from Brasil,visit my sites too.


  86. Anonymous says

    I love it! So clean! So organized! So inspiratioanal! Ans everything inbetween!

  87. THANK YOU for taking the time to post all of these wonderful pictures and explanations!!! For the first time in my life, I have the space to set up my own sewing/craft room, and I have really been at a total loss as to how to organize all of the stuff I’ve accumulated over the years that has just been stuffed into giant totes and bins and baskets! I seriously cannot thank you enough for taking the time to create this post!!!

  88. I love the fabric organizers. I MUST get some but I can’t afford to buy ay. I’m brainstorming to come up with a clever idea to make ‘y own out of cardboard. My husband gets huge boxes at his business and he can cut them for me. How do you fold your fabric to wraparound them?

  89. Wow Lindsay you must be just as slam packed in your little room as I am in mine…..I’m actually trying to rearrange, organize, sort, etc today. I have run out of room and I don’t love y sewing when it’s like this!!!!!! Working today to fix it!

  90. Lindsay, I just happened to stumble upon your site and feel like I’ve landed in Sewing Shangri la! I’ve been sewing since 1963, although never have become as accomplished as you. With the economy, I’ve decided to start sewing school clothes for my 6-year old granddaughter. Funny, although I’ve made aprons, a Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) costume, and a few other things for her, I’ve never made her any wearing apparel. I only hope my end results look half as good as yours. We used to have a wonderful fabric store where I live that specialized in children’s fabrics,but unfortunately they went out of business. Would love for you to share some of your fabric resources, for which I thank you in advance. Many blessings and best wishes for your continued success!

  91. Lindsay, I was looking for a sewing machine to buy for my daughter for Christmas and I think the one you use will be perfect! Do you have any suggestions for purchasing specialty presser feet? I love your blog and am inspired by it. You are a very talented lady and I wish you much success!

  92. What a great craft room, I’m fabric envious! I only buy fabric that I really need at the time, and have about 8-10 fabrics at a time. I can’t wait to make myself a little fabric area that is as organized as yours. Where have you seen the fabric organizers diy’s? I’d love to make some, if not buy some later. I will be doing a sewing room tour very soon, so if you’d like, check out my blog and follow along if you’d like;) I love getting to know other sewers in the blogosphere. Again, wonderful sewing room!


  93. I am just now finding your blog because of a post I saw on Pinterest. Please excuse me if I am sounding repetetive since I didn’t have time to repeat all the other posts. I do want to say that I LOVE your space. My eyes are not what they once were so I usually only sew during daylight hours. My sewing space is in front of a large beautiful window that I love. My daughter will be moving out soon and she has the largest room. So my husband said I should move my sewing room in the bigger room. But it has one small window. Nahhhh. I would MUCH rather be in a smaller room and have that big beautiful window to sew in front of with all that yummy natural light. Also- when I saw your fabric organization I gasped. I have been organizing my fabric like this for YEARS. But I use the Golden Comic boards that come in packages of 100 for about $10. They are obviously not as sturdy as your lovely plastic ones. But They have been great in helping me keep organized. I have several hundred in use. So changing over to plastic would be nice but…I’d rather take that $$ and buy more fabric. Hahaha! It’s fun to see your space. Thank you for sharing. Go you!

  94. I got to your blogspot through Google search and am so glad that i did. Your studio is amazing, everything. Its so well organized and looks so vibrant that working here must be enjoyable. I am really inspired by you and your workplace. Would definitely love to have a room like this for myself as sewing is my passion. Thanks for being the inspiration…

  95. I found you through Pinterest image which took me to Girl.Inspired… which brought me to you! I love the fabric organisers! Fantastic idea. And that Modern Little Lady Coat is just adorable. Thanks for sharing you sewing room.

  96. found your blog while looking for ideas for my sewing room, which I’m reorganizing. Love the look of your room.. Pretty room. You must feel very comfy while creating :o)

  97. Seu blog é um achado querida, um cantinho encantador, cheio de criatividade que me leva a sonhar, estou começando a montar o meu cantinho de costura,e o seu vai ser para mim uma fonte de inspiração.

  98. Hi there-
    Your studio is fantastic! I was googling around for ‘fabric bolt storage’ ideas, and came across your pictures. Very, very nice! And so cozy!

    Just a quick tip for you for your white shelving units: if you flip the shelf boards lengthwise (not front-to-back because they likely aren’t white on the other edge), they’ll eventually settle back into some form of ‘straight.’ It looks like they had heavier items on them previously creating a bow in a couple of them.

    I’m bookmarking your site; you have such wonderfully fresh ideas!

  99. Samantha says

    I’ve always enjoyed this post about your studio. But I’m curious… Four years down the road and having expanded your business and presence in the sewing world, how has your studio changed? Have you or will you do an update for us? 🙂 Pretty please…

  100. What a lovely, well-organized work space! The fabric holders are perfect. It must make you feel happy to work with all those cute fabrics every day!


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