Oh So Girly

Michelle over at Someday Crafts had a wonderful post about the shop “Oh So Girly” and I really think you must head over to her shop and check it out.  “Oh So Girly” sells adorable bows and hair-clips, watch faces with beautiful braclets, diaper keeps and crayon rolls for AMAZINGLY low prices – not to mention low shipping costs.

If you are looking to purchase something for an upcoming baby shower, a diaper keeper would be a wonderful gift and at only $5.00 – you can’t really beat it!  Here are some pictures of some other items for sale from “Oh So Girly”:

Brown & Pink Bow – $1.00
Pink Hair Clip Set – $1.00
Diaper Keeper – $5.00
  Crayon Roll – $8.00
Interchangeable Watch Face with Beaded Band – $12.00
Cottage Mama’s Note: Michelle at Someday Crafts is doing a giveaway for “Oh So Girly” so if you would like the chance to win some goodies, head over to Michelle’s blog and check it out!!

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  1. Came across your blog and I love it! We are a lot alike! 🙂 Have a great day!