Garlic Shrimp Scampi

I LOVE shrimp – I mean love, love, love shrimp.  It is my most favorite food in the world.  If there is a shrimp item on a dinner menu, 9 times out of 10 that is what I will order when we are out.  However, ordering shrimp in a restaurant can be a bit pricey at times so when I find shrimp on sale at my grocery store, I always try to snatch it up.
About a week ago I made this delicious shrimp scampi for my husband and I for dinner.  Now I know it was good because my husband said it about 3 times and coming from him that means my recipe was a hit!!  The shrimp were on sale – only $5.00 per pound (down from $15.00 per pound), the angel hair pasta was maybe .99 and all the other ingredients are always in my pantry.  So I made a huge amount of shrimp scampi for two for maybe around $6.00-$7.00 (which would have cost around $16.00 or more per serving in a restaurant).
So here’s my recipe for Garlic Shrimp Scampi.  The key to this recipe is perfectly cooked shrimp.  Do not overcook them – I repeat, do not overcook.  Take them off the heat once they turn pink and just start to curl.  I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!!
Garlic Shrimp Scampi

1 lb. raw shrimp (deveined and shells removed)
1 tablespoon garlic, chopped
1 teaspoon red pepper flakes
1 tablespoon olive oil
5 tablespoons butter
1 lb. angel hair pasta

Cook angel hair pasta according to package directions.  Meanwhile, heat large sauce-pan over medium heat.  Add olive oil and 1 tablespoon butter.  Add garlic and red pepper flakes and saute 3 minutes, until garlic is cooked, but not brown.  Add shrimp and cook until pink.  Add remaining butter.

Serve buttery garlic shrimp scampi over angel hair pasta.  Enjoy!!

Cottage Mama’s Note:  If you don’t have angel hair, use linguine, spaghetti, or fettuccine.  Even serving this delicious dish with a nice loaf of bread (that you can dip in the buttery sauce) instead of pasta is good too. Also parsley, thinly sliced lemon, and lemon zest make a wonderful garnish for this dish.

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  1. That looks so good. I’m gonna have to try it!

  2. I think I am coming to your house for dinner!!! Yum

  3. So glad you tried it Shannon and it turned out!! I love this recipe – so simple, but yet so good.

  4. I had this last night so easy to make I used cooked shrimp thats what I had on hand and rinsed and removed tails and added at end of cooking and cook a few minutes just to heat up and topped with parsley…Yumo